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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Wild Side of Singapore


Explore Singapore - Day 4

We've always known Singapore for its tall buildings, cosmopolitan cityscape and urban lifestyle. 'But have you seen the city's wild side?  Wait, wait, don't get me wrong.  This time, am not being figurative.  And being literal is a good thing this time around hehe.  When I said wild side, I didn't mean about the dirty secrets of the city I fell in love with.  The wild side I'm talking about is Singapore's wildlife triad, the 3 Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) parks - the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park. And this post focuses on my trip to the Singapore Zoo!  =)

The other tiger of Singapore, the white tigers in Singapore Zoo =)

When our group was offered to have a trip in Night Safari, I opted to do it on another day and join my good friend Jandy.  And I think my decision is right, not only because it's one great time to catch up with my friend, but we were able to check Singapore's wildlife triad - the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park.  With that, I was able to take plenty of photos, which I would have not done when i just tried the Night Safari.

So after hearing mass at Clementi, Jandy and I went straight to the Singapore Zoo, the world's model of the open zoo concept -- display of animals in naturalistic environment via open exhibit with hidden barriers, behind moats and shrubbery, among others.  And this is what attracted me to the zoo.

Clementi Church.  Jandy and I made sure we hear mass first.  What's good about this church is aside from its air conditioned facility, they have rooms for people with babies and toddlers, where they could still see and listen to the mass, but the rest won't be able to hear the cries of the kids.
Well, when I was deciding for my college course, I had three options then - Communications (because I love history, social science, communication arts, documentaries), Psychology (because I love understanding people's attitude) and Zoology (because I love animals!).    So that explains my fascination about the zoo! =)

Anyway, Singapore Zoo boasts of having 3,000 animals inhabiting its lush tropical forest.  And since we arrived at the zoo after lunch, Jandy and I strategized our tour plan so that we won't miss the zoo's biggest attractions and skip the least important ones.  

The Malaysian Tapir

All white tigers are cross-eyed.
White Tiger is also known as Bengal Tiger and it came from India.  Wild white tigers are very rare.  They have creamy white fur, dark stripes, a pink nose and blue eyes. 
Desert warthog.  They are also known as the naked swine of savanna.  It uses its tasks and snout to dig up roots and rhizomes.
We're searching for Australia's natural wonders.  Hmmm... where could they be?
Jandy helps in the hunt!  =D
Alas we found them!  The Australian Kangaroos!  Ssshhh... keep quiet, I'll shoot them... I'll shoot them using my camera! =)

The adorable Asian Elephant

Singapore Zoo is taking care of nearly 80 baboons!

Attack of the baboons!
At the Ethiopian biosphere

The pelican brief!
Manatees.  The couple posed for me!  =)
Manatees in love
Singapore Zoo takes care of about 2,500 specimens from 315 species, 29% of which are threatened or endangered.  It has attained a global reputation for its conservation initiatives and breeding programs. To better meet the needs of its animals and working towards its aspiration to become a leading global centre of excellence for veterinary healthcare and research, a purpose-built Wildlife Healthcare and Research Centre was set up in March 2006. In 2009, 1.6 million visitors enjoyed the wildlife encounter and learning experience at the 28-hectare award-winning Zoo.  

Penguins doing a happy feet!  =)

"Cold feet" is alien to this penguin.

Motherhood, the chimpanzee way
To add, Singapore Zoo, as one of the WRS parks, was able to make conservation support accessible to its patrons as for every admission ticket sold, WRS parks will contribute 20 cents to the Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund (WRSCF) specifically for the purpose of educating and preserving local biodiversity. To make a contribution, please visit www.wrscf.org.sg.

The lion in lion city

the lioness guarding her hub! =)
I'm not just a mere cat, I'm a meerkat! =)
Male meerkats take turns to perform sentry duty.  With keen eyesight they can spot birds of prey even if the enemies are just 'specks' in the sky.  Pack members dart into burrows when the sentry lets out loud sentry cries.  Sentry duty lasts for about an hour for each animal.  Male and female adults act as babysitters when nursing meerkats leave the den to forage.
There's the giraffe walking freely.  Let's take a closer shot of him.
The non-alcoholic long neck! =)

The sleepy rhino
The roaring cheetah
The cheetah hunts during the day.  It can sprint up to 15 km per hour that makes it the fastest land animal.  But, it is not a long distance runner.  Unless it catches its pray within a minute or 300 to 400 m, it has ton give up on the chase or risk overheating its body.

Close encounters of the eating kind!  The crocodile!

The infamous komodo dragon!  It's the largest lizard in the world!

Singapore is a city state and it's quite ironic how a progressive city like Singapore, which doesn't really have enormous tropical rain forests inhabited by beautiful wild animals have a magnificent wildlife sanctuary like the Singapore Zoo.  And it's equally ironic as well how countries with rich natural resources and forests, cannot give much importance to its own wildlife.  Well, is it then life's norm that we give importance to what we don't have or have less and take for granted the things we have in abundance?

It's not yet too late.  We still have time to balance the ratio.  So here's battlecry for you guys, TO THE ZOO!  =)
An Orang Utan says thank you to the visitors! =)
And of course, after that long tiring (but fulfilling) walk, Jandy and I treated ourselves for a KFC meal!  =P
Can you keep a little secret?  I took a white tiger from the zoo!  =D


  1. hi ferds, thanks for sharing. i love animals! nice pics...and i can see you had lots of fun, good for you! :)

  2. Hi Em! It's my pleasure. And I'm glad you like it. =) Yup, I did have a good time as like you, I love animals too! =)


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