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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Annebisyosa Anne Curtis did the TaDi!


This is the 3rd day of the 5-day 2nd anniversary of Tatak Digitista.  And guess what's the surprise I got?  Well, there's a new hot celebrity who posed for TaDi!  She's no other than the Philippines' National Sweetheart, Princess of All Media, New Concert Princess and Olay Natural White Ambassador, Annebisyosa herself, Anne Curtis!  

I was so lucky and privileged to have Anne Curtis do the TaDi Pose especially now that Tatak Digitista is celebrating its 2nd anniversary!  What a very special gift indeed!  :)  And more that, when Anne was posing for TaDi, she said (while smiling and looking at the TaDi sign), "I know this. You tweeted me!"  And that completed my day!  :)

Actually, this was third time to meet Anne but TaDi was not yet born then.  First was when she was starting, when she was promoting a movie in SOP where I had one of my broadcast internships, second was when she was launched as the ambassador of Whisper, and now when she welcomes Tessa Prieto Valdez to the Olay family as the newest ambassador of Olay Regenerist.

All I can say is Anne is beautiful inside and out.  She's so nice, pleasant, fun to be with and extremely stunning!  Am so much honored and elated to have her in the circle of celebrities for Tatak Digitista. 

Again, thank you so much Anne!  :)  More power to you!


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