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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Heaven Sent BODHI Vegetarian Health Food!


Avoid pork.  Don't eat fried too much.  Take less sweets.  When I got this verdict from my doctor, I immediately said, "No prob doc.  I can do that!"  But when I left his clinic, I worriedly asked myself, "Oh wait, how am I going to do that?  What the heck will I eat?" 

Well, for someone like me who's always on the go, I rely on food that I can buy outside.  If in case I buy something and prepare at home, I see to it that it's instant and easy to prepare.  And with that set-up, I just didn't know how I could survive.  As you know, most of the fast food or even carinderia / jolly jeep, which we frequent for lunch, don't have a special set-up for those who are on diet. And sadly, when our office moved from Makati's CBD to another place, the choices on food become more limited.  So now you know the challenge I've been going through!  :)

Well, during one of my mall strolls, I dropped by at the food court of SM Megamall.  So I was on the hunt for the perfect meal for me, who's determined to change his lifestyle, from sinful to saintly.  :)  Literally, I stopped at each store, clockwise to be exact, until I saw... BODHI!  

Actually, I've noticed this fast food already in SM Makati before but I never did a second glance.  My first impression was, "Oh it's vegetarian, it's not for me." and "It doesn't look delicious."  But at that time, I made a decision and tried Bodhi for the first time.  I ordered the PhP 89 meal which has 1 rice, 2 viands and a drink.  Very reasonably priced right?  I chose kare-kare and chopsuey. (They also have PhP 79 combo meal which has 1 rice, 1 viand, 1 pancit and a drink and PhP 50 for merienda.  Regular order is at PhP 75 for 1 viand and PhP 15 for rice.)

The first time I encountered Bodhi.  This is in SM Megamall Foodcourt.

And my verdict is... two thumbs up!  I super like it!  The kare-kare still has the taste of the favorite dish we are used to except that the meat this time is not pork nor twalya nor beef nor carabeef but... veggie meat!  And Bodhi's veggie meat is made out of soy!  BUT its form and taste is just like a real meat!  And there's more!  The bagoong or fish paste is made out of mushroom but also tastes like the real thing!  Eating it did not make me feel any guilty at all!  :)  And I bet my doctor would agree with me.  :)

Bodhi's kare-kare

As for the chopsuey, I love the freshness of the vegetables and the enticing taste of its sauce.  The veggie meat used (which replaces pork or liveror chicken) although made out of soy doesn't taste like tofu!  It tastes like a real meat!

And from then on, I fell in love with, became a fan, an addict, if you may say so, of Bodhi Vegetarian Health Food!  One by one, I have been ordering and tasting all the dishes they offer -- adobo, afritada, curry and barbecue among many others!  Adobo is my another favorite so as the barbecue.  The barbecue doesn't taste like the usual pork bbq we know but it has a unique delicious taste of its own!  If Bodhi is what I'll eat each day, I could really forget eating pork!  :)

Bodhi's bbq

Other healthy yet tasty dishes of Bodhi

Unfortunately though, Bodhi doesn't have delivery services but I do I wish and highly encourage that they will have such arrangement in the near future.  For a society exposed to an unhealthy lifestyle and diet, where many are getting ill each day, Bodhi already has a captured market!  And with the right marketing and promotions, they may also even be able to reach those without any health concerns!  If I have kids, I would even introduce them to Bodhi so they would love eating veggies!  If the owner of Bodhi is reading this, I can offer help!  :)

Good thing though that Bodhi is present in major SM malls and food courts.  So far, I've discovered they are in SM Makati and Megamall.  And with our recent trip during the Panagbenga Festival, I also found out that they are in SM City Baguio!  In fact, they even have more food choices than here in Manila!  Its main branch is a stand alone restaurant along Banaue street in Quezon City.  If you are thinking of a gathering and you'll have guests with have strict health diet, Bodhi also offer catering services! 

Bodhi in SM City Baguio

To the owner / administrator of Bodhi, TaDi would like to congratulate and thank you for coming up with this kind of food option.  I hope to meet and interview you one day because I would really love to know more about your brand and dishes.  And I think my readers would love that too.  :)  You are heaven sent to people like me who are fighting sinful eating!  :)  I wish you more success and growth so you could serve more people and provide a healthy alternative to a population with such an unhealthy lifestyle and diet.  :)


  1. Hi Foydi,
    I so love your post abou Bodhi.

    You are a good encouragement to people who wants to give up eating meat.

    I hope someday you can share the health changes you had.

    Good job!

  2. Hi Carl! Thanks so much for the kind words. :) It's a long journey but I really am looking forward to that.

  3. hi im philip andrew, im a cop here at cavite, ive been vegetarian since 97 and now im 31. what i love in bodhi is that its cheap and nice. heres my no. 09392363793 ive put up a small canteen vegetarian of course at silang, cavite

  4. Hi Philip Andrew! Thanks so much for reading Tatak Digitista! :) Wow, I'm impressed that you've been a vegetarian since 1997. You must be at the prime of your health now! :)

    Yup, I agree with you, Bodhi is affordable and tasty and I'm also happy to know that you've put up a canteen with vegetarian dishes. By making vegetarian food accessible, Pinoys would really have the healthier option. I'm saving your number and I hope to drop by at your canteen when I go to or pass by at Silang, Cavite. I have relatives who moved there so I would really have that chance when I visit them soon. :)

    Thanks again and more power to your veggie canteen! :)

  5. This write up is so interesting for someone with hypokalemia like me, eating has been a problem coz of low fat low salt diet i have. I am also looking for veggie food options that will encourage me to eat normally like i used to


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