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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Singapore by Night


Explore Singapore - Day 4, Part 2

Singapore by Night may first ring the thought of bars, beers and party animals but this post talks about another kind of commune and creatures of the night.  =)  This is about Singapore's famous attraction Night Safari and its animals that wander in the dark and gather under the moonlight.  Well, it's quite similar sans the loud music, alcoholic drinks and people who gets helplessly drunk at night. =)

When I heard there was a plan of having a trip to Singapore, the first thing I thought of not missing is the Night Safari.  Well, the primary considerations for the trip then were the opening of Sentosa and Universal Studios, but for me, Night Safari shouldn't be out of the list.

After that tiring but fulfilling walk at the Singapore Zoo (and after having that big meal in KFC!), we headed to the Night Safari.  And what welcomed us is the fascinating Thumbuakar Performance featuring fire-eating, acrobatic and roaring stunts!

As the long Singapore Zoo walk ate every bit of energy we had, we rode the tram to tour the Night Safari facility.

The tram brought us to the Himalayan Foothills, Nepalese River Valley, Indian Subcontinent, Equatorial Africa, Indo-Malayan Region, Asian Reverine Forest, South American Pampas and Burmese Hillside and let us discover the wonderful creatures that inhabit and graze those parts of Earth.  But since most of the animals are nocturnal, flash photography was not allowed as it will distract them and hurt their eyes, hence I was not able to take clear photos =(.  But anyway, I got a one nice clear shot of a hippo in the Equatorial Africa region! =)

Hippo, magnifico! =)

After the tour, we were treated to the "Creatures of the Night Show", a 30 minute non-stop action packed show staged at the Ampitheatre.  Bintutongs, otters, racoons, wolves, hyenas and other animals starred the show and amazed the audience with their predatory and survival instincts!  Some of the show's highlights is the entrance of the Bear Cat, the gimmick on the Phyton and the tricks of the otters, among others.

Night Safari crew hosting the show.

People are excited for the show.

jandy and foydi in night safari

Animal encounter with young audience

The gimmick put people almost in panic! =)

Day or night, animals stay the same, as long as we help keep the nature's balance.  

And here's to the other Singapore by Night! =)

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