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Monday, May 2, 2011

Ready your pets, here comes the URBAN DOGGIES Pet Grooming Van!

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Being human's best friend is something natural for dogs, you may say it's a cliche, but it's true.  Since humans were able to domesticate dogs thousands of years ago, our canine friends have been doing many things for us, they have become our companions, playmates, house guards, shepherds, hunters and life savers, among many others.

Well for us humans, for pet owners primarily, what have we been doing to reciprocate this love from our dogs?  Well as much as we can, we play and walk with them; we provide shelter, food, vaccines and at least once a week, we give them a bath. And I know, although we ought to comb their hair, cut their finger nails, brush their teeth, I guess many are quite delinquent on that part as the tasks are ergonomically challenging and too time consuming.  Thank goodness for the emergence of grooming salons and pet-related shops in and around the metro. But then, while these shops seemed to be heaven sent gifts to help us take care of our pets, there's the hassle of bringing our dogs to these pet salons.  Think of the time, effort and the rising cost of fuel!  And what if we have big dogs like German Shepherd, Saint Bernard and Great Dane?  How easy or hard could it be?

A few weeks back, I had the chance to witness this new city wonder, a bright and colorful vehicle that moves around the neighborhood.  It is a mobile grooming salon, right inside a van!  And in an instant I just knew that this venture, this home service grooming, will make the lives of pet owners, and dogs,  a lot easier!

The mobile pet grooming service is the "Urban Doggies", the country's first and only provider of mobile pet grooming services including teas and flicks control.  Established in March 2009, Urban Doggies offers a full range of grooming services and is conducted inside a van dubbed as the "Dog Mobile" that is parked at home or a nearby site.   Equipped with professional grooming facilities, all natural-care products and a team of pet grooming specialists, Urban Doggies offers its services in Paranaque, Muntinlupa and Las Pinas and has expanded to Taguig, Makati and Mandaluyong at the client's preferred schedule.

The tools for grooming

The person behind the Urban Doggies mobile grooming center is Maureen Bagsit, a young businesswoman and a proud animal lover from Paranaque.  "I thought of the business thinking of the convenience it can bring to pet owners and dogs too.  I know this because I myself am a pet owner and I know how the long waiting in grooming centers can take up so much of my time," explained Maureen in an interview.  "And besides, it will also be more comfortable for the animals."

Maureen and her pet dog Ash

Maureen actually got the idea when she went to USA.  Prior to this business, she planned to take up veterinary medicine but it didn't push thru because Urban Doggies already gave her the satisfaction of dealing with animals and at the same time put into use her passion and skills in entrepreneurship.  "Actually, even when I was young and still a student, I've been into business already.  I sell stuffs to my classmates.  I sold cellphones back in high school.  In college I offered vitamins, chicken nuggets, fish fillet and hamburger.  I also became a delivery girl for our family's packed lunch business," Maureen candidly shared.

Maureen gets a call from a client.

Maureen is a hands-on business owner.  Photo shows how she supervises the grooming of one of the dogs of their clients.

For the basic grooming services, Urban Doggies' rates are PhP 550 for small to medium dogs and PhP 650 for big dogs as well as cats of any breed.  Yes they also service cats.  But Maureen explained why cat grooming is expensive, "They are more malikot (moves in an uncontrollable manner), masmakapal (thicker) yung fur, and they tend to scratch and bite more."  For teas and flicks control, they charge an additional PhP 400 to PhP 475 depending on the size of the pet.  Of course prior to the grooming session, pet owners should make sure that their pets are up to date in their anti-rabies vaccination.

I got the chance to see how pet grooming is done.  I was able to do a photo shoot with one of Urban Doggies' clients, Ces Manalo and her pet lhapsa apso.  Below are the photos of the said grooming session:

Dog Mobile arrives in Mandaluyong to service a client.

Home of Ces and Jasper

The client is Ces Manalo and her pet dog is Jasper, a lhasa apso breed.

Jasper before the grooming session

Ces shared that as she is a veyr busy person, she finds the mobile pet grooming services more convenient for her.  It saves her time, energy and money.
Jasper inside the Dog Mobile

Jasper and groomer getting ready for the session

The fingernails were being cut.

Jasper getting ready for the bath!

Groomer dries Jasper with a towel

Jasper fresh from the shower =)

Jasper getting a blow dry!

Jasper getting a haircut

Jasper seems proud of his accomplishment. 

Groomer combs Jasper's bangs.

The finished product from Urban Doggies!  =)

A happy and proud dog

The Urban Doggies look!  =)

Ces cuddles Jasper right after the grooming session.

Urban Doggies' usual customers are toy dogs like shitzu and pomeranian but surprisingly there are a lot of askals (literally means asong kalye, street dogs, but it actually means native dogs) or aspins (Asong Pinoy or Filipino Dog, the politically correct term) that are able to enjoy their services.  I of course am surprised and asked Maureen what could be the reason for this growing trend.  "I guess as a reward for their dogs.  Yun lang kasi magagawa natin for them, for the dogs' unconditional love, the feeling of being pampered," said Maureen. Below are some of the dogs that Urban Doggies have groomed.

With the rising cost of living and people who tend to put pet care at the bottom of their priority list, I asked Maureen how these affect her business.  She on the other hand is not bothered with the situation.  She said, "It would not affect us kasi iba pag may aso ka.  Tingin mo dyan bata na hindi pwedeng hindi alagaan, hindi pwedeng pansinin.(It's different if you have a dog.  It's like you have a kid, you can't ignore him, you really have to take care of him)."  Maureen also said that grooming is also important for the pet, it's not just for aesthetic purposes.  It can prevent skin allergies, teas and flicks.  And it's important for pet owners too as certain diseases can be transferred from dogs to humans.

The van caught the attention of a lady and her dog.  She immediately decided to avail of the grooming service of Urban Doggies.

This daschund dog seems to be asking for his turn already.  =)

The doggie is now enjoying the grooming session.  First, the groomer is cleaning up his right ear.

Ow, there's another dog who wants to be groomed, a young chowchow!  =)

"Pet owners should always remember that owning a dog comes with a responsibility, kahit askal pa yan," reminded Maureen.  If you own a dog, pet grooming is not vanity, it's a necessity.  Dogs are not trophies, they are our pets and are often considered as part of the family, our most loyal companion, our best friend.

Mau and Ash, happy together =)

For interested pet owners, you may contact and make an appointment at the following telephone numbers: (02) 800.5598 and (02) 341.4965.

Readers Contest

Post your comment about this story (plus your name and city location) and win a special prize!  The lucky reader will get one free grooming session for his or her pet!  This contest is open only to readers residing or who can avail the prize in the Urban Doggies' service areas which are Paranaque, Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, Makati, Taguig and Mandaluyong in Metro Manila, Philippines. Contest runs until May 22, 2011.

Jasper says thank you!  =)


  1. ang haba ng reply ko tapos nag error. @_@

    anyways, i'll make it short na lang. this is a good project. and if i'll be given the chance to win this, i want to share it to my friends who owns a dog. i love seeing dogs. and i use to own some. it still saddens me that they are gone.

    it's about time we pamper our other best friends.

  2. I have been looking for a pet grooming clinic in our community, but unfortunately, the nearest would be 2 jeepney rides away. My dog GIBO is a big one, so I don't think I could bring him there through public transport. We have no car so it's really a hassle.

    My dog needs a makeover. See him here: http://www.iamnicely.com/2010/10/photo-friday-smile.html

    We live in GMA, Cavite, 30 minutes away from Muntinlupa City, via SLEX Southwoods Exit. I hope the URBAN DOGGIES TEAM will visit us someday.

  3. This is a very neat idea, I hope this prospers as this is the kind of venture that makes things easier for people. It'd be nice to win this and give our doggie a treat after being a bit neglected when our first child was born...

  4. we have a Lhasa Apso dog we also have a ascal dog in our house we treat them equally my whole family love our dog so much one time we have this MIXED breed dog sick I almost cry for him coz he doesn't want to eat and matamlay so we decided to went to a Veterinary at first he said about the testicle of our.. we medicate it but bumalik ung sakit so we decided to remove his testicle by operating it by the veternary.. we love our dog so much..at first i thought dog make irritate me but I am really wrong now I love our dogs.....super..

  5. Wow! Cool services.I wish you can reach all the way here in cavite city.I'll have my pooch groomed.

    Mary Jane Pineda

  6. ooooh...i've seen this van in my neighbors house several times already when bubba (my black lab) and i go for our daily walks! i have always wanted to try their services but, yeah, like you said, because of the rising cost of living, i have to prioritize expenses :( i never ever scrimp on bubba's vaccinations, food and well-being but the grooming part, i have been doing myself nalang because my budget can only go so far :( being an indoor dog (yes, despite his size haha!) i make sure he is as clean, fresh smelling and pest-free as possible. luckily he's quite good about his baths and all, although i have such a hard time cleaning his ears and i can't cut his nails. sometimes i am able to get my vet to do that though.

    not too long ago, however, unfortunately I must add, our yaya bathed him and didn't dry out his ears well and he got an ear infection :( siiiigh.

    i would so love for him to get all groomed and cleaned by the urban doggies team!!!

    :) ria, bf paranaque

  7. very creative idea, hope they will be available in Q.C. area. I want my doggies [a dachshund & a mini-pin] get pampered and be more "kikay"

  8. Hi Foydi,

    galing mo nmn!!

    fan mo na ko ngyon kasi i really like your articles, lalo na 'to!

    opne ba cla for franchise??
    parang unique idea kasi eh :)

    Thanks & God bless & more power!

    TiN Basco

  9. hi, pwede po b mgpakalbo ng dogs? super haba at buhol2 n tlga. i'll pay additional charges po, pls. need lng before dec 25. pls reply asap, muntinlupa area lng po.

  10. I had my dog groomed today by Urban Doggies. The groomer cut my dog's nail too short that it ended up bleeding. The haircut is nothing great.

  11. Will this be available for cavite area specifically rosaroo cavite? I have a shitzu pitbull mix, are you good to groom my biggie doggie? Thanks.

  12. Will this be available for cavite area specifically rosaroo cavite? I have a shitzu pitbull mix, are you good to groom my biggie doggie? Thanks.


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