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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rockwell and Edades Collection -- A Fusion of Two Works of Art

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Edades Tower and Garden Villas, the latest luxury development of leading property developer Rockwell Land, and Salcedo Auctions, the first and only auction house in the Philippines specializing in fine art, decorative arts, jewelry and collectibles, have recently joined forces to present Victorio C. Edades: Father of Modern Philippine Art exhibition and live auction.

"Sunburst" is the most expensive piece in this collection.

In a press preview sponsored by Rockwell and Salcedo Auctions, several guests expressed amusement and delight on how a property firm can indeed be serious in patronizing Arts and Culture in the country. Salcedo Auctions thinks that the link between Rockwell and Edades paintings is that both of them are works of art and are icons of luxurious lifestyle. 

This landmark project will be the first time that so many original works by the National Artist have been gathered together for an exhibition and live auction. As Edadeses hardly come into the market, this presents discerning art collectors with the rare opportunity to acquire an oil on canvas painting or graphic work in charcoal or pen by the master.

Among the highlights of the exhibition to be held at the Edades model unit at Power Plant Mall from 10-15 July 2010 is Sunburst, a dazzling 1971 work in oil that shows the full range of the artist’s painterly skill in the post-Impressionist style. Here the figure of the sun dominates as it rises above a river scene, the rays of light applied in thick impasto suffusing the canvas.

Davae Shoreline

A later landscape, Davao Shoreline (1975) shows the artist’s more fluid and gestural approach to representation as he depicts the environs of the city where he moved together with his American-born wife Jean in 1967, following his retirement from the University of Santo Tomas. The many years that Edades spent at the university, where he served as Director of the College of Fine Arts and Architecture, is foregrounded by the lush painting UST Botanical Gardens, which also emphasizes the master’s deep interest in gardening and horticulture.

UST Botanical Garden

Edades spent most of his time at his garden in Davao, listening to Chopin as he painted and received friends. Among them were the American missionary Rev. Miles Seaborn and his wife, from whose collection Badjao (1975) is derived. Mrs. Seaborn took art lessons under Edades, and the painting the artist gifted to the couple features a personal dedication on the back, giving the work impeccable provenance.


 The exhibition’s curator, noted gallerist Norma Crisologo-Liongoren, who is also the Modern Philippine Art Specialist of Salcedo Auctions, was another frequent visitor of the Edadeses during the two and a half years (1977-80) that she spent in Davao with her husband Fred, also a renowned visual artist.

Liongoren became one of the master’s closest confidantes, often exchanging letters with the man who she lovingly calls “Uncle Vic” to this day. On her return trips to Manila, she served as courier during the production of the seminal book on the artist published in 1978. She would later become a dealer of Edades’ graphic works, bearing witness to a number of the drawings featured in this exhibition in the artist’s Davao studio, among these the 1980 nude of a seated Japanese woman, and the back-to-back 1981 pen and ink nudes.

Nude (Japanese Woman)

Nude Female

Seated Nude and studies

Seated Nude

Following the preview, the works will be offered at a live auction to be conducted by Salcedo Auctions on Thursday, 15 July 2010, 6pm at The Glass House across Power Plant Mall. Printed catalogues as well as bidder registration forms will be available at the preview and auction venues.

This showcase of rare works by National Artist Victor Edades is Rockwell’s way to pay tribute to the father of Filipino Modernism and highlights Rockwell’s long-time commitment to celebrate Filipino artists.
Rockwell pays tribute to the father of Filipino Modernism as it recently hosted a showcase of rare works by National Artist Victorio Edades.

“Rockwell Land has always celebrated Filipino artistry. The Edades Towers follows the footsteps of its sister towers, also named and inspired by famous Filipino artists – Joya and Manansala. This exhibit, in which the unit meets the artworks, is extra special to us” says Vienn Tionglico, Head of Marketing for Rockwell Land.

Living Room of a model unit in an Edades Tower  and Garden Villas Tower

Dining Room of a model unit in an Edades Tower  and Garden Villas Tower

Portrait of a School Teacher

Portrait of a Baby Girl  

Little House by the Sea

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