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Bayanihan Republic (Philippine Heritage)

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It has always been my dream that we would have a country baptized with a name that reflects our culture, upholds out identity, and unites us as a people. I just find it weird that our country is named from its former colonizer, the king of Spain, King Philip II.

Well, with this in mind, I've searched and thought of some names. Former President Ferdinand Marcos proposed Maharlika to restore the country's greatness. I also thought of Katipunan as history suggests that it united the the our country's provinces against the Spain. I also thought of Balangay as it's the first established government in the islands and Mabuhay Islands as it reflects how we are us a people -- joyous, hospitable and hopeful.

But my strongest bet is no less than the name Bayanihan because it symbolizes what can bring us together, the unique Bayanihan spirit among regions in the Philippines that is present but usually untapped. We are 7,100 islands divided by water but this Bayanihan spirit is the one that binds us together.

For those who are unaware of the term, Bayanihan, originally, is the custom where townsmen help move a neighbor to another place by carrying his house, a nipa hut, to its destination. But the term Bayanihan has evolved to a concept of people getting together and helping each other to achieve a common goal, may it be to celebrate a special occasion, respond to those in need, or champion a cause. If Bayanihan will be our country's name, with its rootword Bayan, then we can officially call ourselves Kabayan or Kababayan and those who displayed heroism as Bayani! We've been using them and we can make it official! :)

Well, I know, this is too much idealism but what the heck, who knows if someone in power will be able to read and advocate for this, we can give it a shot right?

Well, Bayanihan Republic starts with my longing for a more applicable name for our country but actually, the goal goes beyond that. I want to pick up the pieces of our identity as a nation and eventually solve the puzzle. I know it's too ambitious but this will be my own little way of helping ourselves.

Bayanihan Republic is the Chest for Philippine treasures... our ethnic, classic and pop culture... our heritage... our identity as a people.

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