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Friday, August 27, 2010

Kiddie Party Planning 101

Web Announcement:

Are you planning for your kid's next birthday party but you don't know where to start and who to call to make it unique and exciting?  Worry no more!  The Grove by Rockwell invites you and your whole family to get tips and ideas on how to throw the best birthday bash ever at the How to Plan a Kiddie Party Fair, to be held at The Grove by Rockwell this August 29 from 10am to 7pm.

Discover plenty of fun ideas for your child’s get-together as The Grove, in partnership with Mommy Mundo, gather top party suppliers in town in one, fun Sunday afternoon. From unique invite designs, yummy snack foods and exciting entertainment options, you can now fill up that party checklist and organize that dream shindig for your son or daughter. Choose from array of activities that kids would love to have in their own birthday parties, plus engage your family to a special sing-and-dance performance by My Masterpiece Movement scheduled at 4:30pm.

A lucky participant will even get the chance to celebrate their special day at The Grove pavilion for free! The Grove pavilion is the ideal venue for kiddie parties with two pavilions that spill out to and a huge lawn. Celebrants may even opt to use the upper deck of the Community Center. In all, the Center can accommodate 220 revelers.

So are you looking at a simple gathering with family? Or do you want a big themed party with games and fancy give-aways?  Either way, stop by The Grove’s “How to Plan a Kiddie Party” Fair and make it the most fun family celebration yet!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Giving in to Anne's whisper

Action & Event-ure:

One Thursday lunchtime, I found myself at Hotel Sofitel... at the Whisper Dares Anne launch event.  Then I asked myself, what the hell am I doing at a Whisper event???  Well, who can say no to be with Anne Curtis?! =)  And I think, all I can say is, I made the right decision to be there. =)

Well, most of us I guess, are always in awe when we see Anne Curtis in almost all channels - film, TV, billboards, glossy magazines, and so on and so forth.   This Liv Tyler look alike is no doubt a goddess of beauty who brought humans closer to heaven. =).  But that is a given info already.  What's surprising is, after the Whisper Dares Anne event, I realized that Anne is more than a pretty face and body. She's witty, bubbly, pleasant, naturally sociable, smart and cute! That's what you call beauty inside and out. =)

Thanks to Whisper (no, I don't have a happy period) for making this possible! =)

The event was an action packed afternoon of revealing questions and exciting physical challenges as the said launch tested Whisper's newest endorser’s wit, coordination and balance in a game of Truth or Dare.

BusinessWorld's Jeff Valisno playing the Truth or Dare wheel for Anne Curtis.

Anne Curtis takes the dare.

Bright, bold and fun, Anne Curtis showed that she was comfortable to take it all on as she gamely answered queries about varied topics, ranging from her showbiz career to her personal life, and completed the dares with ease, from maintaining perfect balance in yoga positions to doing the Whisper dance.

The multi-talented actress also revealed the reason why she was confident in performing these different dares; it was because of her newest discovery, Whisper Cottony Clean.

“I’m very active everyday, especially on Showtime, and as clich├ęd as it may sound, you just have to choose the right product to use that you feel comfortable in, where you don’t feel bulky and you’re confident knowing that you won’t suffer leaks. Especially in my field of work, where you’re always moving around, you’re dancing, you’re hosting. You just have to have that confidence in knowing na walang boo-boo na mangyayari!” Anne said.

The athletic Anne, who loves dancing, playing badminton and practicing yoga, likes Whisper Cottony Clean because it helps her feel clean and fresh so she’s more comfortable moving around.

“There are some napkins that when you wear it parang naiinitan and I’ve even experienced irritation before! What I’ve experienced is that with Whisper, I feel fresh all the time; there’s that fresher feeling,” shared Anne.

The new Whisper Cottony Clean also provides all-side leakage protection and better absorption through its Circles of Protection, an all-new channel design in the front, back and sides that help direct the flow of your period and prevent leakage.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rush Hour Puppy Love

Bayanihan Republic:

During one of my routine trips going to work, while I take traffic congestion as my regular diet for breakfast, I noticed this funny display on the taxi dashboard.

Yup, these are the pups display with moving heads - left and right, up and down, and in circle. I usually don’t mind these displays (and there's a lot of kind!) but well because of the long wait during my ride, it then caught my attention. I then remembered the “Hindi Ka Pilipino Kung” TVCs of Goldilocks featuring Dingdong Dantes. Hindi ka Pilipino kung di ka pa nakakasabit sa jeep. Hindi ka Pilipino kung kund di ka pa nakakakain ng balut. And I know it will be a long laundry list of signs to show how Filipino you are. And I think, the display of these pups on dashboards is one of them! =)  Hindi ka Pilipino kung di ka pa nakakakita ng mga puppy display na ito! =)

And I remember there was even a time that the use of these pup displays was ridiculed, in radio, in simple conversations. But as for me, it just brought me some smiles, a silent laugh and another realization that this is just a simple Pinoy ingenuity.

Pinoys just love putting design in almost everything. We can see that in Philippine jeepneys, our homes, schools and offices during Christmas season and festivals, our own bedrooms, cars, desks, computer wallpapers and even our own facebook accounts! =) So these pups are not complete strangers to our lifestyle!

Second, many of us love dogs. They are our bestfriends, remember? =)  And I think this brings working people (both the driver and the passenger) the idea of being home away from home. And any simple thing that gives us the feeling of being closer to home is always a welcome idea.

And lastly, let’s face it, road trip in Metro Manila (especially during rush hours) is a burden that we really can’t avoid. And these pups give a little entertainment to give us some relief from stress so that we can endure this dreaded city congestion.

So, I guess, let’s just take life easy, we don’t have to be hard on the people who use these dashboard displays. Chill out and let the pups do their thing. =)

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