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Sunday, September 5, 2010

When I Fall for Cebu and Bohol

Bayanihan Republic:

I'm sorry I've been a delinquent blogger for a few months already.  Though it may already sound cliche, but my sched has really been horrible!  As I shared with my team, hell weeks are over, it's hell year.  Anyway, now that I just finished a big blockbuster event, I am able to claim back my Saturday night to revisit my blog.  And oh my, I just found out that i have draft post that I was not able to publish!  Anyway, I'm still sharing it with you guys.  Please see my post below on "When I Fall for Cebu and Bohol".

I think this was my 5th time in the queen city of the south Cebu but I still get excited everytime I visit the place because though I'm miles away from Manila, I feel I never left my hometown yet fab sites are just within reach from the city. Magellan’s Cross, Tops, Ayala Center Cebu, Waterfront, Chicharong Carcar, Lechon Cebu, Dried Mangoes, Mango Balls, Otap are just few of the things that makes Cebu a favorite destination for me. ‘But for this trip, zero sleep, tiredness and lack of time made me stay and rest inside the Maco Polo Hotel, well most of the time.

I may not have been able to go around the city but this trip became the most memorable and valuable one for me not because I found a new hangout place or taste another native dish, but for having that brief but memorable encounter with a child who once filled our home with smiles, joy, excitement, inspiration and life. 

Little Mags was ten meters away from me when I saw him at Ayala Center Cebu and I can see him with big smiles, shouting and excited to approach me.  And he's just a two year old kid and I've not seen him for more than a year!  What a wonder boy! =)  So we didn't waste any time and spent every minute well playing, shopping, eating, laughing, talking, picture taking and calling over the phone the rest in the family.  As expected, goodbye will be hard, but though bonding time was brief, it's just priceless.  And that encounter relieved all the stress I had while preparing for this trip.

The next day, after having a big breakfast at Marco Polo, we started packing for our trip to Bohol.  From Cebu, the trip to Bohol was approximately two hours via SuperCat, enough time to take a refreshing nap. This is my second time to Bohol but I think, like for Cebu, I also fell in love with the island.  Bohol is just blessed with many natural wonders - beach, corals, river, hills, animals (tarsiers, dolphins), sites and of course, wonderful people!  =)  And that what makes it a paradise!

We checked in at Bohol Beach Club and as mentioned in previous posts, we tried Dolphin Watching in Pamilacan Island, Loboc River Cruise and Bohol Bee Farm Tour. We also dropped by and checked out (my second time) the world famous Chocolate Hills, the manmade mahogany forest and Baclayon Church. 

manmade mahogany forest going to Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol

the world famous Chocolate Hills

Baclayon Church

Bohol Beach Club

It was a short side trip but the out of town getaway was worthwhile not only for me but for everyone who joined the trip.  I know we can't stay forever in paradise but the experience definitely recharged our heart, body and soul to go back and face again the challenges that await us in the city.  So, 'til the next trip! =)

the group at Loboc River

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