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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Totoo pala ang lamig -- A real therapeutic spa experience at NuLiving Spa in Binondo


Often times, I hear my massage therapist saying "angdami mong lamig".  And since I'm usually half-sleep while undergoing the therapy, I often ignore that remark.  I thought it was just a way for them to show the "science" or "relevance" of massage.  So I just let them talk while I just savor the hand strokes at my back because with or without science, and with all the stress, I will always avail of spa services.

But when we visited NuLiving Spa in Binondo, I discovered that "lamig" (literally means cold) is indeed true!  Lamig's medical terminology is nodule and the diagnosis for it is myofascial pain syndrome.

And what's the cause of this lamig?  Nu Living Spa's PT said that these are acids formed from wrong posture, pressure and stress.  And because I carry my heavy laptop everyday, it caused my nodal at the upper left side of my back.

What's different about Nu Living Spa in its Binondo branch is they offer a package of massage treatment with Physical Therapy methods to address certain muscular concerns in a medical or scientific way.

Blogger JR Bustamante trying first the PT methods.

And I noticed the difference because before, when my therapist press on the nodule I experience the pain and relief but it doesn't last long.  When I underwent that massage-PT treatment, I really felt the relief for longer period of time.

Nu Spa also said that they can cater to customers who are undergoing rehabilitation from stroke or recovering from a physical accident sans the scary feeling of being in a hospital!

Another thing I like about Nu Living Spa is they use virgin coconut oil which is non-greasy and you can choose the scents you like.  For the session I had, I chose ginger.

If you would like to try Nu Living Spa's therapeutic massage services, you may inquire at these numbers:
+632 806 2705; +63 932 4714641.

They're branches are in D. Tuazon Address: Unit C 141 D. Tuazon Street Santa Mesa Heights in Quezon City and Plaza del Conde in Binondo, Manila.

Here's Nu Living Spa's list of services.  For the massage with PT package, please inquire with the receptionist as it's just recently launched.

That's it pusit!

Lamig and Nu Living Spa, now TaDified!
And that's the foydi way! :)


  1. Nice, massage treatment at its finest. naniniwala din ako sa lamig lamig i once experienced magpahilot in a province and he told me my weakest points like lungs and liver which is true.

  2. Great piece of writing, I really liked the way you highlighted some really important and significant points. Thanks so much, I appreciate your work.


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