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Sunday, August 17, 2014

And the journey continues...

Last week, I was contemplating of stopping the blog already because I somehow got tired of a lot things -- time, traffic, disturbing incidents and difficult people.  But I stumbled upon this post by our CG lead Lawrence:

"The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning."
Happy Tuesday! #TuesdaysWithMorrie #ChooseDayWithMorrie #MitchAlbom #CGchooseDayCycle14

And it woke me up.  Why give up something that gives me purpose and allows me to reach out and affect people in a positive way.  The obstacles I mentioned above should not stop me for doing something valuable for me and the people around me.  Just like in stories, we need the antagonists right? :) Hehehe.

So now, I revisited why I blogged in the first place - to squeeze my creative juice and connect to like-minded people.  And I unearthed all the memorable stories, for me and my readers, that I chronicled, for the last 4 1/2 years.

 Wowed by the Carabaos!

 Defending the Caveman Review -- The Outrageous Truth About the Sexes!

Ready Your Pets, Here Comes the URBAN DOGGIES Pet Grooming Van!

 Life of Pi and the Pie of Life

 Juan Luna Decoded

 Finding the last craftsman of pastillas de leche wrapper of Bulacan

 Resorts World Manila to stage the spectacular adaptation of The Sound of Music

When will we be ready for Rosario?

 A Courtesy Call to Davao's Monarch, the Philippine Eagle

 Astrovision and Astroplus, Preserving the Best Movies, Keeping the Precious Memories

 Going OA is a lot OK!

 The Heaven Sent BODHI Vegetarian Health Food!

 Nirvana in Crustasia

 Journey to the 'Lost" Island of Sabtang

 Treasure Find 24 -- When God Created the World, He Gave His Best in Batanes (Da Best Sa Batanes part 5)

 Darkness spreads all over the world

 OPM now also stands for Original Pilipino Musical -- I DO BIDOO BIDOO Heto nAPO Sila Movie Review

 The Help Needed by a Busy Travel Junkie: A One Stop Stop Shop Travel Shop!

 Dolphin Watching and the Shouts and Silence it Bring -- Dolphin Watching at Pamilacan Island, Bohol

 A Taste of Ilocos in Empanada Nation

 The Mind-blowing taste of INUTAK

 Human Billboards

 The Cowboy Way at Salcedo Weekend Market

 The Magic Spell Cast by Loboc River Cruise

 Maobi equals blessing or suffering?

 The Return to Luneta

Amen to Miso-Ten's Ramen!

 Much Awaited Staycation in Waterfront Manila Pavilion!

 It feels good to wear our own country! -- the My Philippines Lifestyle shirts

 Treasure Find 16: R&R Within Reach at Paradizoo and Residence Inn

 At last, I made it to Pahiyas!

 Asiansation Christian Bautista Makes Bolder Moves With His New Album OUTBOUND

 Totoo pala ang lamig -- A real therapeutic spa experience at NuLiving Spa in Binondo

 Ultimate Pizza High at Project Pie! 

 The Quest for Deep Sleep Indulgence

 The Wild Side of Singapore

 The Warm Welcome of Mount Fuji

 Treasure Find 28 -- Expedition to the World of Tubbataha

 Strawberricious Baguio

 The Epic Beginning -- X-Men: First Class Movie Review

 Treasure Find 22: Four Blessings and A Smile -- Our Visita Iglesia in Bulacandia

Loved by the Untamed Mountain and the Calm Sea

So with that, thanks to bro Lawrence for sharing the wisdom from Tuesdays with Morie, to my readers for the continued support, to my bloggies for the great company, to my story sources (interesting people, events and places; event organizers; PR and brand managers), to my famies, besties and friends for all the love,  and to God for allowing me to do this.

So folks, please join me as I continue the journey.  Let's TaDify more life's mixes and hunt life's real treasures!  :)

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