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Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Mind-blowing taste of INUTAK


About 2 to 3 years ago, my office mates and I tried to bring and share delicacies from our respective hometowns.  I remember our staff Ivan who is from Nueva Ecija, brought pastillas because they're town is just beside San Miguel, Bulacan which is known for these products.  I on the other hand shared the famous Malolos' inipit!  Well we do this, not just because we are foodies, but we enjoy sharing food together and take pride of what our place has to offer.  

And my colleague Len didn't take this sitting down!  Hehe.  And what she brought is... inutak!  At first, I thought it's an ulam (viand) and is really made out of brain but to my surprise, it's a kakanin type of food or dessert!  She's from Paranaque but the delicacy is from Taguig but Len said they're really used to eating inutak.  And it's probably called as such because it looks like an utak (brain)!  :)  And she let us taste it with ice cream, and it's really mouth watering!  You can see in the print screen below how we asked Len to bring some more.  Hehe

Anyway, I've moved to another job and my former colleagues and I seldom see each other now.  So, it was the END of our food sharing, including INUTAK.  But what I didn't expect is that the inutak spell will follow me!  Why?  My intern Zxeff happens to be part of Kristina's inutak, the first brand to commercialize and popularize this Taguig's delicacy!  

And with that, I finally got to taste the rest of the flavors and the access to getting these sweet delights!  

In this box of six, it has macapuno, langka, corn, tablea, quezo de bola and classic.  My instant favorite is quezo de bola because of its richness followed by the classic flavor which has the authentic inutak taste.  Macapuno is equally delicious, tablea has the balanced chocolate flavor, langka has that Pinoy fruit flavor and corn is an upgrade of majablanca.  We initially tasted this as it is and we were already in gastronomic spell.  But, I also pushed that we try it with ice cream, just like the first time I tasted it!  And, the sweet delight jumped to another level, especially with the cheese flavored ice cream! (though Zxeff said it's also good with vanilla).

Kristina's inutak can be bought in small, big and box of 6.  Classic is PhP 120 for small and PhP 350 for big.  Flavored is PhP 150 for small and PhP 400 for big.  Box of 6 is at PhP 300.

I heard Kristina's Inutak is all over the metro like in Rockwell and Mercato Centrale.  And I also learned that they recently opened in SM Marikina.  So there you go, you can grab inutak almost anywhere.  Don't worry, I'll update this post with all the branches of this mind-blowing delicacy called Inutak! :)

And that has been the TaDi Way!
Have a Ya-Mi Day! :)

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  1. molly san agustinJune 11, 2013 at 7:04 PM

    hi .. thank you for introducing INUTAK to everyone .. i'm Molly, sales staff of Kristina's Inutak, SM Masinag branch .. I'm from Taguig and since my childhood I enjoyed eating INUTAK made by my lola ..
    Have a great day!!!


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