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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Doing charity can be easy with JCI's Project Oasis

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It's always a pity to see kids at the street begging for money or working at dump sites.  And sometimes, as much as we want to be of help, we just don't know (and we don't try to know) how.  Sometimes, we of course think of our own safety or if our money will really be put into good use or if we just can't take that first and extra step to reach out. 

Well, good thing that at this point in time, many sectors and organizations have thought of creative ways on  how to make charitable works a lot easier and more accessible, and sometimes fun.

Take for example the Project Oasis of Junior Chamber International (JCI, formerly known as the "Jaycees") Manila Chapter which is organizing a Wine & Cheese Tasting and Workshop for the benefit of the children in Smokey Mountain.  Surprised?  And you ask how possible could this be? 
Well, for a minimal amount of just 500 pesos, participants of the event can learn from wine experts from Sommelier Selections. There will be three batches for the workshop, which will teach everyone how to taste, serve and store wine. Guests can try a variety of wines and cheeses at the event and learn how to pair wine with food, as well as recognize the different grape varieties. The wines that will be featured are not commercial wines, but are only traditional, organic wines from private first-class vineyards. A dinner buffet will also be served throughout the evening.

The event will be he held at the Wack Wack Golf & Country Club in Mandaluyong City on May 19 from 6:30 to 9:30 pm.

The organizers will be using the proceeds generated from this event for their project to build a park and playground in Smokey Mountain. During the evening, there will be a short performance from a choir of 15 children from Smokey Mountain, as well as a pledge drive to help promote their cause. In addition, for every bottle of wine purchased, half of the profits will be donated to Project Oasis.

It is the goal of the group to convert a 1,000 square meter area of Smokey Mountain into a beautiful and clean environment for the children of Smokey Mountain to play in, while also encouraging them to develop their social and motor skills, stay away from gangs, and simply enjoy their youth.

Project Oasis, along with JCI Manila, would like to invite everyone to join this event, learn a thing or two about wine, meet new friends, and most important of all, help out in a worthy and noble cause in uplifting the lives of the children in Smokey Mountain!

JCI Manila already had several successful projects in Smokey Mountain. The organization’s most famous project to date - The Field of Dreams - has gained recognition from several international and local awarding bodies and has garnered international and local media attention as well. Project Oasis aims to build off the success of The Field of Dreams and provide the community of Smokey Mountain with an innovative project that addresses a number of the many needs of its children.

For more information about Project Oasis, please call Ryan Perez at 0917-8139490 or (02)216-4115, or email Ryan at johnnyryan.perez@gmail.com or visit http://www.jcimanila.org/.

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