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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Buon Giorno is more than Good Day, it's Good Food!

Taste Bud:

I love Italian food.  But I must admit, I carefully choose which restos to go to as real or hardcore Italian dishes are always in friction with my taste buds, because they sometimes can go too sour or spicy for me.  Well, I can try it once or twice but for me to come back and crave for it is another story.  I usually like those with American or Filipino touch but if ever I'm really up for original Italian, I make sure it won't be too alien for me.   Forgive me but I can't let go the "Juan" in me =).

In photo are (from left): Jiejie Jane, Sharlyn Ang, Karla Redor, Annalyn Jusay, me foydi =), Rowena Wendy Lei and Michelle Martinez.

About a couple of weeks ago, we had this event RBC (Rockwell Business Center) Bloggers Night and it featured the launching of Buon Giorno! Caffe & Bistro in Metro Manila (which is in Rockwell Business Center, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City).  I've heard so many good things about Bun Giorno.

It actually started in Tagaytay in 2005 and has become one of the gastronomic destinations in the said town.  But thank goodness, the owners, the adorable Mark and Linda Floro listened to public clamor and brought Buon Giorno closer to the metropolis.  And with that, I was able to get acquainted with Buon Giorno.  But will it mix well with my gastronomic preference?  Hmmm...

Buon Giorno owner Mark Floro shares that his wife Linda is really behind the success of their restaurant. For us, dining was even made extra special with the warmth and jolly attitude of Mark.  And I think this innate positive attitude is translated to how they prepare food and run the business.

Buon Giorno in Tagaytay is very famous for its Opium set because of the many marriage proposals that take place there. And in the RBC branch, they have a few sets in place to somehow replicate the Tagaytay ambiance.

Jiejie Jane is up to the challenge of tasting Buon Giorno dishes!

Though pizza is part of the main course, it was served ahead of time as appetizer.  What an appetizer!  =)  This one is a mix of New York Pizza (PhP 295) - it has assorted meat, bell peppers and cheese topping on a crisp, crusty dough and Vegetarian Pizza (PhP 265) - zucchini, spinach, roasted bell peppers and eggplant.

Watermelon Shake (PhP 120)

Fellow bloggers who enjoyed the visual treat first before actually tasting the mouth watering Buon Giorno dishes.

B'uon Giorno's Special (PhP 218) - A mix of best salad ingredients drizzled with well-revered house dressing

San Prieto con Basilico John Dory (PhP 460) - Perfectly cooked fillet of Dory with creamy sauce and spinach.

Canneloni Spinaci (PhP 294) - Tender bits of chicken and mortadella ham rolled in sheets of spinach pasta smothered with tomato sauce and cheese.

Pescatorre ala Putanesca (PhP 308) - an assortment of seafood on spicy and peppery tomato sauce

Guess what our good cook is slicing?

Presenting the star of the event -- Beef Wagyu and Shitake Mushroom Gravy.  This is not part of the regular menu but this can be served on special occasions.
And for Jiejie Jane and me, Buon Giorno is more than Good Day, it's Good Food!  And for me who carefully chooses Italian dishes, Buon Giorno is right for me and for my fellow Pinoys out there who are up for the right Italian blend.  =)
After the sumptuous meal, we had a mini trivia night where the group was divided into 6 groups.  The topics where anything Italian, Buon Giorno and Rockwell Business Center.  Groups 1 (Jeman Villanueva, Enzo Luna, Carl Valenzona and Renz) and 4 (Rowena Wendy Lei, Michelle Martinez, Ferds Decena and Annalyn Jusay) tied for first place but the tie breaker question let Group 4 emerge as the final winner.  And what is that question?  Here it is: "Who is the famous actress who was born and raised in Italy and started her career as a lawyer but modeled to pay her tuition fees in law school?"  You know the answer?  Continue reading and there's a surprise at the end of the post.  =)

Rockwell Marketing Manager Vien Tionglico welcomes the bloggers during the gathering.

The entire gang who experienced the journey of Buon Giorno.  And you can experience it to, sans the long drive.  =)

So for those who are up to the journey of Buon Giorno in the metro, it's located at the Rockwell Business Center (RBC) in Ortigas, within the Meralco compound and right beside Medical City.  RBC introduces a fresh workplace concept that mixes business with leisure - a well appointed environment that integrates work, leisure, and dining in single destination.  Indeed, RBC makes a perfect home for Buon Giorno in the metro.  =)

Well, going back to the mini trivia night tie breaker question "Who is the famous actress who was born and raised in Italy and started her career as a lawyer but modeled to pay her tuition fees in law school?",  if you post the right answer here, like how Group 4 did it, you will have the chance to win a gift cheque from Buon Giorno worth PhP 500!  This contest is limited to those residing in the Mega Manila (Metro Manila, Laguna, Cavite, Batangas, Rizal, Bulacan, Pampanga) and only one correct answer will be chosen as winner (entries will be raffled off).  So what are you waiting for, answer the trivia and get the chance to experience more than Good Day but Good Food with Buon Giorno! =)


  1. It's just across our building but I haven't tried it yet.. I was planning to try their buffet.. their paella is tempting! :)

    Anjolina Jolie ba yang famous actress na yan?.. hehe

  2. Hello! I'm joining :)
    My answer is - Monica Bellucci. I hope my answer is correct.

  3. I love the ambiance of Buon Giorno Tagaytay. I really don't mind the drive. =)

  4. The answer is...
    Monica Bellucci

    -fpj jr

  5. Is it Monica Belluci? She's the actress in Hollywood that I'm sure is Italian. hehe.


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