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Monday, April 4, 2011

Rio rocks and goes samba too! -- Rio Movie Review


Samba.  Bossa Nova.  Havaianas.  Capoeira.  And even up and coming models and actors.  The touch of Brazil is really everywhere.  And when we thought we have it all, well let's brace ourselves for another Brazilian influence coming up, this time in the big screen -- presenting the 3D animation from 20th Century Fox and  Blue Sky Studios... Rio!


  1. This movie that I've enyojed is funny, it's dramatic and it's as touching as you could ever. Rio is so amazing and exciting too it is another movie really like a kids and family. Watch Movies Online Free

  2. Hi Jim! I definitely agree with you. Both kids and kids at heart will enjoy and be touched by this film. Hope to hear from you again. =)


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