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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I saw the sign =D

Scene Stealers:

Signs.  Sometimes they're informative, sometimes they are just simply funny.  While scanning my digital files, I saw these three shots and I remembered how these made me laugh silently (is there such a thing!) when I captured them in photos.  See for yourself!  =D

This one is taken at a public market.  In English, the sign says, "PhP 20  per 1/2 kilo.  My peanut is reddish."
I found this poster last year along Ortigas area.  The party list is called A Tambay - Ang Tao Muna at Bayan.  Did this party list group ever win?  Well, with tons of people without jobs, tambays (from the English word stand by) can really be considered a sector in our society right now!  =D

I  saw this sign at the sink area in one of the MRT stations in EDSA.  Do people really wash their feet at the sink?   I just can't visualize it!  =/

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