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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rubbabu the toy wonder finally arrives in the Philippines!

Action & Event-ure:

About 20 inaanak (Godchildren), and the commitment to give them gifts instead of money during Christmas... you could just imagine the effort I exert when the calendar hits December.  And it's always a conscious effort for me to buy and give them fun but safe and appealing but reasonably priced items.  And I guess, this is a yearly challenge for most people too (Well, I'm not complaining though as this is still a fun yuletide exercise hehe).

Last December, my colleague Romsy Nanagas approached us to help her friend who will be bringing a new toy line in the Philippines, Rubbabu - versatile and educational toys handcrafted in bright colors and fun shapes, and made from 100% natural rubber foam with a velvet smooth surface.

And in an instant, I was impressed with Rubbabu!  I told Romsie that the toy is fantastic and it would surely generate interest from kids, moms and our blogger friends too!  It was just unfortunate that the toys weren't available then as it could have been a better option for my Christmas gift list.  But the good news is, it will hit the store in March hence we decided to hold its launch today.  Yahoooo, Ruba Rubbabu!  The toy wonder finally arrives in the Philippines!

In photo are (from left) Kiran, Mr. Nari Gidwani (Kiran's dad), Kiran's brother, Romsy, Jane, foydi and Rach.

Kiran Gidwani of SansGiovani, the one who brought Rubbabu here in the country, gave a backgrounder of what the said toy is all about.

Mr. Nari is the one who introduced Rubbabu to his children.  And from concept, Kiran turned it to reality.  And now, we have Rubbabu!  =)

Kiran said, "From adorable animals to cute micro cars, Rubbabu is one of the 1st toy collections available sure to delight babies, moms and even Mother Earth, as these toys are the ultimate in cuddly-ness, safety and eco-friendlyness too!"

Their vibrant hues stimulate the senses and their basic shapes - like cars, animals and balls - help children learn all about simple objects.

Light and chunky, Rubbabu toys are the perfect size for inquisitive little hands and their squeezability make them just the right tool to help your baby develop dexterity, gross motor skills and hand/eye coordination.

Children love to throw, bounce or even bite their toys but not to worry, Rubbabu may be soft to the touch but it’s virtually impossible to break apart or chip off. They also have no sharp edges or easily chipped off parts that could harm your child.

Bouncy Balls.  Due to the size, shape and texture, these Rubbabu balls can easily be classified as sensory balls. When held, children can appreciate the texture and squishiness, while increasing their sensory awareness. These foam sensory balls are sure to please. They are great for children of all ages. Smaller kids will reach for, roll and crawl to them. Older children end up kicking, throwing and playing more advanced games with them.  Safe and natural materials ensure a high quality toy that children will play with for years to come. Bright colors, soft textures, and a super squishy and bouncy make-up help these balls to be truly unique. They are perfect for the development of socialization and gross motor skills as well as sensory enhancement. Despite their simplicity, Rubbabu Balls are incredibly versatile and educational.

After we learned in details what Rubbabu is, we then had series of games to experience the toy!  We grouped that participants into 4 teams.

Orange Team
Jeman Bunyi Villanueva of Orange Magazine TV, Azrael Coladilla of Azrael's Merryland, Jonel Uy of Mommy Manila, Ruth Floresca of Mommy Writes, Enzo Luna of Juan Manila and Vince Nunez of MVLNunez

Blue Team
Annalyn Jusay of annalyn.net, Juned Sonido of Baratillo, Ria Tirazona of The Accidental Teacher, Josephine Bonsol of jobonsol, Edelweiza Mabalay of edelweiza.com and Ryan Joson of The Black Fedora

Red Team
Earthling Rullan of Earthling Gorgeous, Iris Acosta of Pinay Ads, Montsch Acosta of Yipee Media, Omar Itay of ohmski.info and Arvin Ello of Vintersections

Yellow Team
Leira Pagaspas of Mushings, Mark Cerbo of Next Jam, Roanne Lim Dionisio of Animetric and Ann Saturno of Chic and Cheaps

They competed in various games like Ring Toss, Bowling, Trivia Game / Puzzle and Tower Building. Orange Team was declared champion, Blue Team placed second, Red Team came in third while Yellow Team landed in the fourth spot.

Rubbabu Ring Toss.  The Ring toss can help children differentiate colors, and facilitate the development of their motor skills such as throwing and aiming. No need to worry, this wonderful toy will not hurt your little one! And he can have hours of worry free play!

Bowling Set

Rubbabu Rubbablox.  So soft they can't hurt a baby, these soft velvety colorful blocks are not only great fun for imaginative play but offer tactile stimulation and teach motor dexterity and coordination.

We really had fun as we were able to go back to our old young selves once more - how ironic! =)  Well, I guess it's best that adults get to know first how awesome Rubbabu is as we decide what's best to give to kids.  And from what I saw, I think we were all convinced. =)

Apes of Wisdom.  See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil!  =)  These monkeys are instant hit among the audience.  And it made Kiran think to import this set too.  That will be a great idea Kiran!  =)
Bully the Bulldozer.  This became my instant favorite! =)

Rubbabu toys have passed many international safety standards, including Europe (EN71), the USA (ASTM) and Australia & New Zealand (AS / NZ ISO 8124). In addition, each and every ingredient used to design and craft the rubbabu toy is made using highest quality materials, ensuring that you and your child will have hours of worry-free play!

Rubbabu Magnetic Numbers.  Math can now be fun! Rubbabu Magnetic Numbers can facilitate the teaching of numbers as well as the basic skills of adding and subtracting!

Just Triangles. Simple and pure. Leaving the child to figure out what she or he would make from it, a pyramid, a circle, a square, or a house, barn or fence. Let the children do the thinking.

And when it comes to the environment, Rubbabu is just as innovative. All Rubbabu toys are made without cutting down any trees! Rubbabu toys are made of 100% natural rubber foam (with no fillers!) and not synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is the sap of the tree, and not only is it flexible and durable, it is also anti-microbial, dust mite resistant, mildew resistant, hypo-allergenic and flame retardant. Rubbabu toys are also 95% bio-degradable.

Rubbabu has won so many awards over the years from Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Toys Award 2010 to Parent’s Choice Award 2010 and even the Creative Child Seal Excellence Award!
Modena the Racer
For me, what I like about Rubbabu is that it can give me the assurance that the toy is safe yet fun and educational.  The toy is soft, smooth, squeezable and cute and that makes it perfect for babies and toddlers alike!  To add, it is a low maintenance thing as it is durable and can easily be washed (even in through a washing machine!).  And above all, Rubbabu is reasonably priced!  Haha =D.

So for those who want to get their own Rubbabu, the toys will be available in Rustan's and Kidz Station in the Philippines this coming March 2011!

Rubbabu Shape Sorter Bus

And thanks to Rubbabu, one lucky kid will get this marvelous Shape Sorter Bus from me!  =)

     dat's d  foydi way!                                                         

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