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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 to conquer the world as its sails to cinemas in 3D!

Potato On-the-Go:

Walt Disney Pictures' Pirates of the Caribbean will continue its world conquest as its 4th installment dubbed as "On Stranger Tides" sails to theaters in full, immersive 3D this coming May 20!

"On Stranger Tides" is the first "Pirates" flick shot with digital 3-D cameras. The filmmakers make good use of the 3-D imagery in action sequences, which include a shot where Penelope Cruz's character, Angelica, tries to stab Depp's Capt. Jack through a closed door, her sword leaping off the screen right at the audience.

Since the start of the 4th installment of the film, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Rob Marshall were already considering doing the movie in 3D.  "But the technology scared us a little, only because, you saw 'Avatar,' that was all done on sound stages. Nobody had ever taken these cameras out into the jungles and did a big adventure picture," Bruckheimer explains.

"Rob did an enormous amount of research with the cinematographer, and we finally went to Disney and said, 'Look, we really think we can do this.' And they thought about it for a while, because it increases the costs, but in the end, they agreed with us and said, 'Let's go for it.'"

Meanwhile, even before the fourth movie voyages into cinemas, Pirate of the Caribbean is already plotting the course for a fifth installment.  Buckheimer says he has a screenplay in the works for a fifth "Pirates" tale after May's "On Stranger Tides" comes out.  Based on the Disney theme-park ride, the original three "Pirates" blockbusters ended up as a trilogy continuing the same key characters and story line. Bruckheimer says, "Stranger Tides" and future "Pirates" flicks will be stand-alone stories continuing the adventures of Depp's woozy buccaneer Capt. Jack Sparrow."

Opening in Philippines theaters on May 20, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International through Columbia Pictures.

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  1. Two Filipinos are in the movie, one is as a pirate and one is as a mermaid


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