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Monday, November 14, 2011

Foydi's Favorite Artists Do the TaDi Pose! :)

Foydi's Catch:

In music, I am not particular in any genre.  As long as it suits my taste, I would eventually like a song... and its singer and composer.  I think there's a specific type of music that fits a certain mood.  If I feel like relaxing, I go for ballads or acoustic.  If I feel like celebrating, poprock and dance songs come in.  And the list goes on and on. 

However though, I noticed that unconsciously, I feel like I'm the type who will be regularly hooked on mellow music which is relaxing to the ears, to the heart, to the soul.  It doesn't mean though that the other genre are dropped from my list.  I do like them as well, they fit a lot of occasions and situations too.  It's just that the former seems to be my ear's staple.  

And, folks, I am so lucky to have the chance to meet, know and talk to three of these singers, three of my favorite artists.  They are Jose Mari Chan, Richard Poon and Christian Bautista!  :)  And, of course I won't miss the chance, and luckily again, they were all game to do the TADI Pose!  :)

Jose Mari Chan for Tatak Digitista

Richard Poon for Tatak Digitista

Christian Bautista for Tatak Digitista

OPM legend and singer-songwriter Jose Mari Chan and big band music enthusiast and practitioner Richard Poon are collaborating for an upcoming special concert dubbed as "The Songwriter and The Crooner".  The one night only concert is set this coming 2nd of December, 2011 at the PICC Plenary Hall.  They will be sharing the stage for the first time and promise bring the best of the past and the promise of refined future for OPM.

Asiansation Christian Bautista on the other hand launches his first international album under Universal Records entitled "Outbound".  The album contains eight songs which is a good mix of slow and upbeat ballads.  The first single "All That's Left" brings out Christian's new and bolder sound which proves he is more than just a balladeer.  (He's actually a good dancer now! hehe)

More of the coverage, interviews and reviews will be coming up next in Tatak Digitista's Potato On the Go page!  This post is just the first!  So watch out for it!  :)

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