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Sunday, April 29, 2012

When God Created the World, He Gave His Best in Batanes (Da Best Sa Batanes part 5)

Treasure Find 24:

Two days have been spent... everyone else is tired... but Batanes is not yet through unfolding its mystique.

And on the third day of our exploration, our experience, I could say, reached an optimum high...

Batanes is indeed a living evidence how great God is...it's God's best creation!  And let me quote once more (and use it as this blog post's title) Mandy Navasero: "When God created the world, He gave his best in Batanes."  And I couldn't agree with her more.

And the first treat on our third day is the window to the province's magnificent beauty.  We stopped by and basked on the wonderful view provided by the San Carlos View Deck in Batan Island.

Before heading on to our next stop, my travel mates Alex, Melds, Lilibeth and I went to the roof our jeepney (our ride) and stayed there on top during our journey to Mahatao.  The other jeep also had some passengers at its roof and we had fun taking photos of each other!  It was such an awesome ride!  The last time I did this was more than 10 years ago when my college buddies and I shot our video documentary thesis in Ifugao.

Upon reaching Mahatao, we visited the old church that has been nestling the community for centuries and another marvelous house that has been attraction for many visitors!

After Mahatao, we had another jeepney ride to the Tayid Light House.  Some roads were closed so we walked from a certain point and somehow "climbed" the hill.  It was a bit challenging, some of us walked up backwards, to lessen the pressure on our knees.  And it was fun!  Good thing that we were all fun and game to walk that challenging part.  And as we reach the hilltop, we felt like singing Climb Every Mountain from Sound of Music.  :D   But, there's more!  As we approached the light house, we again saw a magnificent view.  If I could just fly and roll and lay down all day, I would.  I never expected such view can be found right here in our country.

And as we thought we already saw the best in the day, we were led to the Diura Fishing Village to trek the Fountain of Youth!  As our feet will be submerged in water, I changed my footwear from rubber shoes to aqua shoes.  But, it was early for me to change up as we will be walking to a path of limestones!  Oh yeah, it was real challenging for me.  But it didn't prevent from trekking the place to see its hidden beauty.  And after more than 30 minutes, I guess, we found the Fountain of Youth!  :)

And complementing the rejuvenation given by the water of the Fountain of Youth are the freshness of buko juice and the healthy carbo load c/o Batanes camote.  And since we regained our youth, we packed up and went on to continue our journey.

This time, we walked the beach of  Racuh-A-Idi.  I felt like walking on water as the toe high part of the beach is very wide due to the low tide.  And of course, whether dry or wet, we captured each moment with photographs!

And then it was time for lunch!  We went to another magical place but since everyone's hungry, we first feasted on the food before roaming around the place.  But while we were eating at the side, we noticed our doctor travel mates Elton and Bob having their lunch at the hill!  We got curious, so right after lunch, foregoing the supposed siesta time after meals, we immediately walked to where Elton and Bob were.  And...we were mesmerized... we were put in a magic spell... we were speechless once more... as we witnessed the breathtaking view of Marlboro Hills.  We walked slowly, embraced and kissed the wind, kept our eyes wide open and thank God for another wonderful creation.  The velvet green grass, the charismatic herbivores, the calming light blue sky, the majestic blue water, the naturally carved hills make up this perfect panoramic view.

The meeting of the sky, the sea and the hills is nature's way of showing its visual artistry, while the blending of the sound of the wind and the waves its unmatched musicality.

And with the perfect view right in front of us, it's time to do the jump shot!  :)

As the rain started to drop, we all went back to our jeepneys and headed to our hotel to change up have a short rest.  I took a shower first before having that much needed power nap... and while I was starting to enjoy that quiet moment... I heard Mandy's whistle, meaning it's time to get up and pack up for another walk!  As I again thought we already had the best of the place, Batanes showed us another secret... The Rolling Hills.  What a way to end a lovely day...

But wait, there's more!  :)  Our trip wouldn't be complete without buying pasalubong!  :)

And good news!  Three of these shirts will be raffled out!  Watch out for the announcement coming soon!  :)

And finally, we ended the night with a wonderful fellowship where we were treated once more with the best of Batanes cuisine, Ivatan music and warm friendship of the people.  Thank you once more to Mandy, Mang Rogers and his assistant, Ms. Lydia Barsana Roberto of Hiro's Cafe, Necitas Garcia Alconis and the Voyavuy (music group) composed of Dwight Castillo, Patrick Yael, Mylene Cabizon and Noel  Viola.

Batanes, you really are Da Best!  :)  And that's foydi's Treasure Find 24! :)

Note: Please watch out for the special on the Ivatan dishes we tried during the trip.  :)

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