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Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Stars to Rise from PROTEGE: THE BATTLE FOR THE BIG ARTISTA BREAK Finals Night (Airs Oct. 21)


Talent Search spiced up by Reality TV has really cemented its position in Philippine entertainment.  Since the format became phenomenal trough Startstruck, all talent search programs have never failed to inject reality in their format.  

Now, GMA Network is yet to conclude another successful franchise of its reality programs, PROTEGE: THE BATTLE FOR THE BIG ARTISTA BREAK.  Since it started several months ago, the program has gained a solid following through its 20 contestants coming from different parts of the country: Central and North Luzon, Mega Manila, South Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
Now, PROTEGE's much awaited grand finals is set on October 21, at around 9 PM.  The Final 6 are (in alphabetical order):

Elle Ramirez representing Mega Manila, mentored by Roderick Paulate

Jeric Gonzales representing South Luzon, mentored by Jolina Magdangal

Mikoy Morales representing Visayas, mentored by Jolina Magdangal

Ruru Madrid representing Mindanao, mentored by Philip Salvador

Thea Tolentino representing South Luzon, mentored by Gina Alajar

Zandra Summer representing Visayas, mentored by Gina Alajar

TaDi was privileged to have been invited by GMA Network to witness the pre-finals night where the Final 6 gave their culminating performances.  Elle did a Sisa monologue, Jeric did a song number, Mikoy did a musical so as Ruru, Thea sang an Adelle and Zandra danced novelty songs.

Jeric Gonzales did the TaDi!

And Mikoy Morales

So as Ruru Madrid

And Thea Tolentino!  Elle and Zandra were rehearsing at this time.  They should do the TaDi pose next time!  :)

And my view, based on their last performances, 

Elle was technically outstanding but that performance lacks charisma to generate votes.  (BTW, she has a resemblance of Louise de los Reyes. 

Jeric, after a series of blows from the judges, finally proved he's not just good looks.  He was brilliant in expressing his emotion and he sang, and registered on the screen, well.  (He looks like a combined Coco Martin and Elmo Magalona).

Mikoy is charming and a natural performer.  I see the next Rico Yan in him.  His performance was tastefully done although it didn't show his real caliber. 

Ruru (who has a Jason Abalos resemblance) is still in his awkward stage and the West End Story is not the right material for him.  Although in his previous acting exercises, I think he's the best actor in the Final 6.  He seems to be a sensitive actor. 

Thea is too conservative and I can see her little hesitation in going all out on stage.  But during rehearsal, she impressed me that she can do an Adelle.  With more confidence, she can really do that performance better.

For Zandra (who looks like Starstruck alumnus Megan Young and Dawn Zulueta), I didn't like the number given to her, hence resulted into a plain performance.  Spaghetti etc. is too much used already, she should have been given another material.  This girl looks classy and I bet she will go along way as leading lady / dramatic actress.

I really can't pin down who are TaDi's bet to win since honestly speaking, although it may sound cliche, they are all deserving to be in the finals and win.  Why?  Elle is a good actress, Jeric has a commanding presence, Mikoy is a charmer, Ruru is phenomenal (fans go crazy about him), Thea has a potential to be a screen sweetheart and Zandra looks a star already.   How can I pick 2, the traits of a potential star are spread on the six of them. 

Well, let the judges and public decide.   And you still have chance to vote!  :)  Vote now!

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