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Monday, February 3, 2014

What made me RawRRR in TIPSY PIG!!!


For people who work 5 days a week (or may be even counted 7 because of the loooong work hours), spending Friday nights or any weekend nights well is really really sacred!  Yes, because for people who work really hard, we deserve to cap the week with a great celebration!  

Well, great celebration, doesn't always mean a big party.  For me, it would just be a night of good food, good drinks, good chat and good laugh with good friends!  And that equates to good times!  And that's what my bloggies (blog buddies!) and I actually experienced when we did some catching up and try this new place, the current talk of the town in Capitol Commons Pasig City, a gastropub called Tipsy Pig!  

Getting there is so easy.  From EDSA then to Shaw Boulevard, we just turned left to the Capitol Commons place (this is where the old Pasig hall is located).  

And when I finally saw the place, I instantly felt the hominess (because of the cool exterior) and declared that it will be one hell of a night for the bloggies!  And as we entered Tipsy Pig, I think they got the right concept for gastrobar.  It's cool, it's cozy, it's a place where you would want to hangout with friends, do some sound tripping or watch your favorite sporting event!  

But that's just the tip of the iceberg because when finally sat down and tried their signature drinks and dishes, the rest, as they say, is HISTORY!

For starters, the vineyard pizza (PhP 470) was an excellent companion.  I liked the blending of the cheese, meat and fruits, the way they melt in my mouth is unforgettable.  

Another unforgettable dish is the Freshly Popped Beer Buttered Shrimp (PhP 450)!  From its name, there's no need to explain why it's unforgettable right?  Hehe

Then we also tried The Flaming Wings (PhP 295) and The Number 4 pizza (PhP 525).  Well, for me, they can never go wrong with spicy chicken wings and all-cheese pizza because they are staples in my favorites list.  

The Belly Good Sisig Tacos (PhP 280) is definitely a must try!  This fusion of Mexican and Filipino cuisine makes me want to grab a beer.  The crunchiness of the sisig is a perfect match to the traditional Tacos flavor!

And then there's also The Dirty Mexican (PhP 360), which is another Mexican-Filipino fusion!  Just imagine the traditional crunchy sisig mixed witch cheese, onions, tomatoes and layered in tons of nachos!  It's a definite nirvana folks!

Then we also ate Ribeye (PhP 1,320) and Rigatoni Pasta w/ Spicy Shrimp (PhP 260)!

And do you see this?

RAWR!!!  This is called the Beer Can Chicken (PhP 750)!  Haha.  While it'a good subject for Instagram, it's a good meal as well! :)  It's a little bit salty but when mixed with corn and the sauces, the Beer Can Chicken is a dish you should try before you die!  Don't worry, the waiter can do the flaming and slicing for you! :)  

And when we finally tasted Tipsy's Boneless Crispy Pata (PhP 770), we just completely forgot each other's names!  HEAVEN is the right description!  (not just because we may go straight to heaven after eating this haha, but it definitely feels like heaven when we ate it).  This is another RAWR!!! hehe

And that's for good food!  For good drinks, while we enjoyed the fruit shakes in cool mini jars, the flavored beer (PhP 110 - regular, PhP 285 - Jumbo) is now my favorite!  Rawr!!! But for ladies, Ron-dezvous (PhP 260) is definitely a must try too!  

Am I right Cristelle?  :))

And then of course, the food and drinks, were coupled with good chat and good laugh with good friends from the blogosphere (Rey of Lifestyle Bucket, Cristelle of Girl and Boy Thing, Rodel of Nognog in the City, Alwin of City Roamer and Rain of Rain Check) and Bing and Cong. Ronald Singson, one of the owners of Tipsy Pig Gastrobar.

Cong. Ronald Singson shared that he and his partners have been in the bar business for a long time but it's with Tipsy Pig that they finally hit the right concept for a gastrobar.  Although they want a good hangout place, they also want to offer lunch and dinner.  

Cong. Ronald Singson said, "We have a sweet spot here in Tipsy Pig.  We have a  good location, concept, at yung pagkain (and the food!).  There's a lot of passion in this project."  He added that the owners are a good mix of different people - bar people, entrepreneurs, celebrities and politician (that's him!).  

Sound wise, they have DJ and plays contemporary on weeknights and old school music on weekends.  

Tipsy Pig Gastropub is located in Capitol Commons, the 1st Ortigas' development project after Greenhills, and which is now dubbed as the Rockwell of Pasig!  

Cong. Ronald Singson did the TaDi pose! Thanks! :)

Tipsy Pig is doing really good and the results (from just the soft opening) exceeded their expectations.  In fact, they're now looking for their second branch and that would be somewhere in Alabang or Makati.  Of course, I'm lobbying for Makati!  Hehe.

Indeed, it was one epic night!  Thanks to my bloggies and Tipsy Bar Gastropub.  And because we did get a little tipsy and did really pig out,  the gang had a long walk first before going straight home! :)  

 Too sad we missed here Chuckie of All Chucked Up, Yen of The Tummy Traveler and Carding of Astig Machisms. But anyway, for sure, they'll be in our next adventure! :)

Tipsy Pig Gastrobar,
Now TaDified!
And that's the foydi way! :)  

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