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Friday, May 2, 2014

Reliving the Journey via the #WranglerSunchaser challenge

POTATO ON THE GO (Social Media):

Every travel, every person I meet, every food I take, every scene I photograph is a journey for me.  In such situation, I always freeze the moment in my eyes, in my mind, to savor the wonderful experience.

Every experience is unique and hence you can't repeat each of it.  But thanks to photography and now to Facebook and Instagram, each journey can be relived in our memories.  This is what I repeatedly experience as I continue the journey of #WranglerSunchaser challenge.

I look on my photo stock and share the wonderful and inspiring moments in Instagram.  I got inspired to continue the journey despite my busy schedule to live life more.

foydi in Batantes
foydi in Tubbataha
foydi's shot in River Safari Singapore
foydi's shot in River Safari Singapore

You too can have this wonderful experience by joining the week 3 of #WranglerSunchaser campaign (from April 28 to May 4).  You just need to capture the awesome moments of your adventure or look for your old photos that stored your nostalgic travel, upload it on your Instagram account and use the hashtags #WranglerSunchaser #Philippines.  And as a bonus, you may be able to win PhP 8,000 worth of Wrangler cash vouchers and the chance to win the grand prize of a round-trip ticket with accommodation to the country of choice!

This week's theme is KEEP GOING.

We leave in the morning, and stay out until the last ray of sunlight leaves us. Being a true adventurer is the 
best fulltime job out there! This week, don’t look back, keep going to the very end and be rewarded with 
the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen. #WranglerSunchaser #Philippines

For more details, please visit www.WranglerSunChaser.com or like www.facebook.com/WranglerPH.

So what are you waiting for, join now and chase the sun!  :)

#WranglerSunChaser #Philippines
now TaDified!
And that's the foydi way!

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