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Friday, July 8, 2011

Congratulations to Ria Tirazona for winning the Urban Doggies promo in Tatak Digitista!

Web Announcement:

Congratulations to Ria Tirazona from BF Paranaque for winning the Urban Doggies promo in Tatak Digitista!

Here's Ria's winning comment:

ooooh...i've seen this van in my neighbors house several times already when bubba (my black lab) and i go for our daily walks! i have always wanted to try their services but, yeah, like you said, because of the rising cost of living, i have to prioritize expenses :( i never ever scrimp on bubba's vaccinations, food and well-being but the grooming part, i have been doing myself nalang because my budget can only go so far :( being an indoor dog (yes, despite his size haha!) i make sure he is as clean, fresh smelling and pest-free as possible. luckily he's quite good about his baths and all, although i have such a hard time cleaning his ears and i can't cut his nails. sometimes i am able to get my vet to do that though.

not too long ago, however, unfortunately I must add, our yaya bathed him and didn't dry out his ears well and he got an ear infection :( siiiigh.

i would so love for him to get all groomed and cleaned by the urban doggies team!!!

:) ria, bf paranaque

Ria just won a free grooming session for her pet Bubba, just like Jasper, the dog featured in the article last May! =) 

To Ria, please e-mail your residential address and landline number to digitista@gmail.com.  Urban Doggies will contact you to set the appointment for your dog.

Congrats once again and I hope you're pet would enjoy the cool grooming session from Urban Doggies, the first and the biggest mobile pet grooming service in the Philippines.

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