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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bid for our Nature, Bid for our Future -- The WWF Greener at 50 Online Auction


We, humans, are Earth's stewards.  If you don't believe or agree with me, then check the Holy Bible.  I know it will back me up.  :)  There are many things happening in our environment, many of which we don't understand and pose threat to our daily lives and survival.  So I guess, whenever there's a chance for us to do something for our environment, let's grab that opportunity.  WWF, the largest conservation organization in the world, reminds us that we only have one living planet to rely on, and it's really best and wise for us to do our share.

at Apo Reef
As WWF celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year, the new battle cry is "Green is the New Gold"!  And with that, WWF in the Philippines recently launched the "Greener at 50 fundraising online auction" at One Café Events Place, One Corporate Avenue, Ortigas Center. Hosted by WWF Philippines Ambassador Rovilson Fernandez, the event launched the Greener at 50 fundraising online auction, in partnership with E-bay Philippines, for the benefit of WWF-Philippines’ environmental sustainability projects all over the country.

“Much work remains to be done. Come now, and take this journey with us. From vulnerability to viability; from coral reefs, through climate change, to competitiveness; from sea turtles, through supply chains, to sustainability, take action make a bid for the Planet’s future, your future,” said WWF-Philippines CEO and Vice Chair Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan.

Lory Tan's video message

Guests were also able to experience a simulated live auction but this time using seeds as money!  The seeds that were collected will be planted (in different conservation areas) as part of WWF’s environmental efforts.  Jeman Villanueva of Orange Magazine TV said that he and the rest of the guests so much enjoyed the program.  He shared, "It was a simple activity but guests had fun actively participating in the mock bidding, especially that Rovilson was very good and entertaining as an auctioneer.  Imagine, having fun while getting the chance to do something for the environment, how can you not enjoy that?"  Winners got to bring home photos taken personally by WWF-Philippines CEO and Vice Chair Lory Tan WWF limited merchandise items. They also got to bid on a trip to Hamilo Coast, one of WWF-Philippines’ conservation sites in the country.

Winner of WWF Whale Shark pillow

MJ Marfori won the bidding for WWF umbrella

Marjorie Pineda of LivingMarJourney won the bidding of  Lory Tan's photograph printed by Canon

Jeman Villanueva of Orange Magazine TV won the bid for a trip to Hamilo Coast

The Greener at 50 auction will be continued online via E-bay Philippines. Limited edition items from famous celebrities and personalities classified under fashion, music, food, arts, sports and once-in-a-lifetime WWF-led adventures will be up for grabs.  Items range from photographs, to music memorabilia, stylish clothes, paintings and even exclusive trainings from different experts. Get to visit exclusive WWF sites and discover nature from a different perspective.  For the first week, people can bid for Lisa Macuja's pointed shoes as memorabilia, Boy Abunda's eyeglasses, Sassa Jimenez's dress and 8 slots to WWF encounter in Donsol, Sorsogon.  Items will be replaced and bid out every 10 days.

“Unlike other charity auctions, the organization’s Greener at 50 auction is geared to making people realize that everything is connected. The categories we’ve offered are different from one another and despite this, we learn that everything still goes back to nature,” said Marie Bretaña, WWF-Philippines Individual Donor Program Online Officer.

WWF Individual Donor Program Officer Marie Bretana explaining the WWF Greemer at 50 Online Auction.

“Another unique thing about this initiative is that we are offering immersive trips to our program sites, something that has never been done before,” she added.

Pico de Loro Cove

Apo Reef

Whale Shark in Donsol, Sorsogon

WWF Philippines also its WWF Allies, the five other social media influencers that the organization partnered with to help rally the cause and promote Greener at 50 Online Auction.  They are Enrico Dee of Byahilo, a famous and leading travel blogger in the country; Vince Golangco of When In Manila, a lifestyle blogger, radio dj (Mellow Touch) and TV host (GNN's Tek Tok TV); Ria Tirazona of The Accidental Teacher, an inspirational blogger and educator at De La Salle University; Jayvee Fernandez of A Bugged Life, a tech blogger, diver, underwater photographer and long time WWF supporter; and Earthling Rullan a style and parenting blogger. 

WWF Ambassador Rovilson Fernandez with WWF Ally Vince Golangco

Those interested to participate in the Greener at 50 online auction can visit www.ebay.ph/wwfgreenerat50 to start bidding! WWF-Philippines will use the donations to turn individual efforts into collective actions as we look forward to more years of protecting and sustaining our living Planet.

at Hamilo Coast

Founded in 1961, WWF is the world’s largest and most influential environmental-solutions provider. It has succeeded in its work to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to ensure that in this day through the future, humans coexist in harmony with nature. It is a mission that WWF has never given up on and has only strengthened with the help of local governments, communities, and partners from the business sector.

Be part of the solution. Be an agent of the environment. Bid for the future!

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