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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Grab WWF Philippines 'FOR A LIVING PLANET Planner for 2013 / 2014


There's no doubt people go crazy about the free planners from coffee shops (I was before!  hehe).  It's exciting and fun, and some have good cause too!  We just need to buy select coffee drinks and we'll get the stickers to collect for the free planner!  But I guess some are just not into coffee or the drink choices featured in the promo.  And some too are not inclined to joining the race.

I've become one of them so last year, what I got was the "National Geographic" journal because it's unique, it looks cool and it has amazing images of the wildlife! (I always want my things to have something that I will learn about.)  But I want it to be more engaging just like "Navi" or "This Journal Can Actually Change Someone's Life").  And since I'm closely working on projects with WWF, one of the suggestions that we brought up was to have a planner that will feature our environment and the organization's conservation efforts in the Philippines!  Now, there's no need for me to hunt for my next year's planner as WWF finally brought to life that idea! :)

And here is what I am actually looking for: the WWF Philippines' FOR A LIVING PLANET 2013 / 2014 Planner!

And when we get the 'FOR A LIVING PLANET' 2013/2014 Planner, we'll get to help WWF-Philippines' programs on climate change solutions, forest and marine conservation, endangered species protection, and business sustainability.

The 'FOR A LIVNG PLANET' Planner features the extensive range of Philippine biodiversity, as depicted in vibrant images from WWF project sites across the country. The planner also gives eco-friendly tips, plus some nifty Panda stickers! 

And... we can get it for only PHP 495!

So if we want something different and if we want to help save our planet, we can just email WWF Merchandise Officer Steph Panganiban at spanganiban@wwf.org.ph to order. :)   

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