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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Skyscanner reveals women make the travel decisions!


Travelling? It’s the women who make the call! According to the recent survey conducted by leading global travel search site, Skyscanner, almost 91% of women say that they do most of the research when planning a holiday, with just 9% claiming their partner does it. The survey, which questioned 1000 international travellers, reveals -- of the men who admitted their partner did the research, a third claimed it was because their partner was better at it and could find better deals, while 1 in 10 admitted it was simply because they were too lazy!

“Filipinos usually consider travelling a family affair. Although travelling is the perfect R&R for the family, planning a family vacation can somehow cause more stress. So many factors are taken into consideration when planning a trip – budget, location, dates and convenience.” says Skyscanner Philippines Manager, Janet Ranola. 

"Filipina travellers have different priorities as compared to males.” Ranola added. Skyscanner’s survey shows one fifth of men believes their partners enjoy doing the research and 19% think their partners do the research because they are fussier. This is backed by the fact that only 24% of women said they would be happy to let their partner make all the holiday decisions.

Ranola also said that Filipinas seems to be more meticulous when it comes to preparing travel essentials than their male partners. “We simply have the patience to pack extra towels, clothes, what-nots and other small stuff that seems to be unimportant to male but are very useful.” Ranola shared.

With women taking the lead it appears that both agreed with this set-up with a whopping 95% of women and 97% of men claiming to be happy with the current decision making set up.

This is further reinforced by the fact just 5% said they often disagreed about the holiday decisions. Flight decisions were least likely to cause arguments with only 2% claiming to “often disagree”, while spending budget was the most contentious issue with almost 1 in every 10 respondents admitting to arguing on this point.

Can you relate to these findings? TaDi would like to hear it from you! :)

Photo Source: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

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