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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Join the Fun in the Philippines via PHITEX 2014

What makes Philippine tourism unique?  It's the people.  Filipinos make the visitors' experience worthwhile, comfortable, and fun!  And this is what has been driving the efforts of the Philippines' Tourism Promotions Board (TPB).

198 foreign buyers, 200 local sellers, tourism attachés and VIP’s gathered at the formal opening of the 13th Philippine Travel Exchange  (PHITEX) , organized by the Tourism and Promotions Board at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, today.

According to TPB Chief Operating Officer Domingo Ramon Enerio III, “PHITEX strengthens our tourism industry by nurturing relationships between our very own players and the range of businesses found throughout the world.”

Enerio encouraged the audience to take advantage of the opportunity to build lasting relationships among each other for the continued attainment of Philippine travel and tourism.

This year’s theme, “Innovate and Integrate, Empower and Engage” highlights not only the distinctively fun nature of the archipelago and the Filipino people, but also leverages on sustainable travel through the incorporation of responsible social tourism activities in post-confab tours.

Tess H. Mauricio, Marketing and Promotions OIC of TPB and PHITEX Project Director explained that the theme’s elements work together creating a holistic tourism approach.

She furthered that, “Innovation with time, integration of Philippine businesses to accommodate the ASEAN integration demands, empowerment of teams and engagement of resources to be part of a sustainable value-chain position in tourism management will lead to more productive and more fun experience of doing tourism businesses in the Philippines.”

PHITEX 2014 reinforces DOT’s targeted 6.8 million foreign visitors in 2014, by enticing foreign buyers during one-on-one scheduled appointments in the Travel Exchange (TRAVEX) to include the Philippines in their tour programs or expand their existing transactions in the country.

PHITEX 2014 is supported by the Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA), Philippine Travel Agencies (PTAA), Hotels Sales and Marketing Association (HSMA) and Board of Airlines Representative (BAR) with Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Resorts World Manila.
For more information visit www.phitex.ph.

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