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Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Sound and Story of the HUSH PROJECT by Brad Go


Every now and then, we see new releases of albums and music coming from old and new musicians. Often, we are hooked with the nice music, with the exemplary performance.  It's rare that we know the story behind the music first before we appreciate the songs.  Well, I guess it's because it's the medium.  So no one's to blame.

But if we finally learn the story behind the sound, we fall in the music even more.  This is what the HUSH PROJECT is bringing to us.

The Hush Project released through MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines) is the culmination of Brad's trip around the world in search of the most compelling and unique real-life,  love stories. The journey began in New York, where he met a girl on a rainy Wednesday evening in September, 2012. Offering his umbrella to the rain-soaked stranger, Brad unwittingly set in motion a series of romantic events, both exhilarating and tragic, that would lead to the creation of the blog, Have U Seen Her, and eventually The Hush Project. (HUSH is an acronym for “Have U Seen Her.”)

The exclusive unplugged performance gave Brad the opportunity to talk about the making of the album, the inspiration behind the songs, and how a guitar, a passport and serendipity turned him into a bona fide recording artist.

Inspired by his own love story—a story that started like a fairy tale but ended without the “happily ever after”—Brad came up with a crazy idea. He would travel the world, talk to people about love and their love stories, and write songs about them. He started a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $10,000, thus giving him the opportunity to embark on his mission.

“If something like this could happen to me in New York, there must be countless stories across the globe that no one has ever heard,” says the 28-year-old musician. His goal was to tell those stories.

Brad went to Barcelona, Tokyo, Melbourne, Singapore, Palermo, Berlin, Manila and Paris, and came back with eight original compositions, namely “All Along,” “I Want You Now,” “It's You,” “Follow Through,” “Firestarter,” “Feel This Way,” “Love Is Love” and “Time Machine.” The trip is documented in the form of vlogs, which are published on Brad's YouTube channel, youtube.com/bradgofilm.

The eight songs, with the addition of the bonus track “Carry You Home,” make up The Hush Project. The album is a mix of romantic ballads, torches and mid-tempo jams that are decidedly pop rock in form, mostly structured around guitar-driven melodies and rousing progressions.

The Hush Project has such an intriguing concept and fresh sound that upon hearing about it, MCA Music immediately committed to distributing the album, setting a Philippine release date of February 2, 2015. Impressed by Brad's songwriting, label executives commissioned him to write a song for another MCA artist, “The Total Performer” Darren Espanto. The result is “Makin' Moves,” which appears on the album, Darren.

“We're so happy to welcome Brad to the MCA family. He's the complete package: He sings, writes and produces his own songs, plays different instruments, and even makes his own music videos. It's hard to find such a multifaceted artist these days. We can't wait for everyone to hear his music and see his career flourish here in the Philippines and abroad,” enthuses MCA Music domestic label marketing manager Mark Bonifacio.

“Brad is a very marketable artist. He's showing a lot of potential and we at MCA are looking forward to helping him cultivate and grow his personal brand as a recording artist, musician and songwriter. The Hush Project is just the first step,” adds MCA Music artists and repertoire (A&R) manager Francis Guevarra.

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