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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Do More With Less and Win Prizes!


As a long-time advocate of environment conservation, living a green lifestyle is something I push as well.  And you don't need to swim with the sharks and run with the tamaraws to show you care about the planet.  All you need to do is live beyond the hour and do more with less in household and elsewhere.

For example, all it takes are imagination and resourcefulness to transform household scraps to something unique and useful and reduce waste. A used tea bag can be reused to soothe puffy eyes. Leftover vegetables can be cooked into soup. Baking soda can be upcycled into an air freshener. The possibilities are endless! That's why Electrolux invites you to share your own upcycling tips at home.

Join the Do More With Less Reduce Food Waste Challenge.

Share your own ideas on how to upcycle the featured kitchen scrap into something delicious or useful again and get a chance to win exciting prizes from Electrolux!

1. Like The Electrolux Little White Book Facebook page.
2. Post your upcycling tip on the comment box and tell us what else you can do with the featured kitchen scrap.
3. Include #DoMoreWithLess and tag three of your friends.

One lucky winner will win an exciting prize from Electrolux weekly! Join now and share your #DoMoreWithLess upcycling tips!

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