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Saturday, June 5, 2010

A taste of healthier life in Bohol Bee Farm


When I was coordinating for our Bohol trip, I asked Vicki Pastoriza of Camp Cebu where else to go in Bohol aside from Chocolate Hills, Alona Beach, Loboc and Tarsier Sanctuary. And in an instant, she said Bohol Bee Farm in Panglao!  I got curious and interested about the place since it has never been in the province's tourism map so I guessed the bee farm must really be something new and nice to explore.  I informed everyone coming to the trip about it and I guess all of them got excited too!

After our community program at Oy, lunch at Loboc River Cruise, visit at Chocolate Hills and stopovers at the manmade mahogany forest and Baclayon Church, we headed to the Bohol Bee Farm for… homemade icecream! While most got malunggay flavor, I opted for durian. =)

We arrived at the place past 5 pm so we missed the farm tour. We just ate the very much desired ice cream and bought some pasalubongs and decided to go back to the bee farm right after our dolphin watching the following day.

So as planned, right after dolphin watching the next day, we all said, “To the Bee Farm!”  Bohol Bee Farm is a one stop shop – a resort, restaurant, farm, garden, shop and cooperative center.  What binds them together is their commitment to go organic in everything they do.  So from farming down to what’s being served on our plate, we’re pretty much sure that it’s healthier because it’s simply organic!  And I could say going the healthy way doesn't mean it has to be boring, because touring Bohol Bee Farm is such an exciting and wonderful experience!

We arrived at the bee farm at around 11 am  but thank goodness the tour comes with native hats for the guests to protect us from the extra heat brought by the extremely hot weather. After stepping down from our van, settling the fees and walking a few more steps, our tour guide welcomed us to the place and gave a brief on what they are growing in the farm and how to deal with the bees!

Our guide said that there are three kinds of bees, the queen, the workers and the drone.  The queen and the workers are female and the drones are male.  The queen as we know lay the eggs, the workers are the ones producing the honey and the drones are the ones impregnating the queen.  And after mating with the queen, the drones will die. Ulk!  At least they died happy and satisfied! =)

We were told that bee stings can cure rheumatism and arthritis.

Right after our guide showed us the man made bee hive, she immediately recognized where the queen bee was!

Bohol Bee Farm introduced and taught farmers the different livelihood activities they can pursue in tandem with farming, and assist them in marketing their products to make such activities sustainable.

The view of the cliff from the restaurant

She also toured us in other attractions of the place like the cooperative, rooms and restaurant. Yup, she brought us to the restaurant and we took our lunch there! And whoah, the food is just amazing! We had spicy flower salad, organic garden salad, buko pasta, grilled prawn, honeyed puto maya at tsokolate, fruit shakes and cassava chips with dip.

Fresh mango shake is a perfect match with the hot weather.

Spicy flower salad

Buko pasta

Pizza bread

Grilled prawns with brown rice and organic garden salad

Homemade ice cream - ube and mango

Honeyed puto maya and tsokolate

So for those who wanted a taste of healthier meals and farm life, check out Bohol Bee Farm. You may e-mail vickywallace@boholbeefarm.com for inquiries.

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