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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas and the City!

Scene Stealer:

Christmas and the City!  Here's the Belen display for 2010.

Last year, my colleagues and I felt bad when we saw trees were being cut in the Ayala Triangle.  For us, we believed that the place is the only significant thing that kept the balance between modernization and environment in the city and district we love most, Makati City and its Central Business District.

The Belen display last year (2009)

But slowly, our frowns turn into smiles as we see that the park is being transformed into a more people friendly place!  The park became more scenic and people from work enjoyed strolling in the place.  And later on, made Ayala Triangle an awesome running track for Makati's working class!  And when Christmas season arrived, we then witnessed the Symphony of Lights, a spectacular display of dancing lights with Christmas carols from 6 to 8 pm!  And when December 16 hit the calendar, the Filipino tradition Simbang Gabi (Dawn Mass) was also held every 5:30 pm!

Symphony of Lights 2009

Symphony of Lights 2009

After a few weeks, I heard in the news that Ayala launched the start of Christmas season in Makati CBD, by formally inaugurating the city's Christmas lights and decors.  But I noticed that there was no Symphony of Lights!  But I thought it was quite too early to have that.  So, I patiently waited.

And now, November 17, Ayala Land officially launched this year's version of Symphony of Lights!  It's now called Christmas Symphony and this year's theme is Parol (Christmas Lantern)!

Christmas Symphony 2010

Oh my, I just love the scene, the music, the lights, the people who are mesmerized by the spectacular display and of course, the Christmas spirit that it brings! 

Employees hurried to Ayala Triangle to witness the Christmas Symphony.

Who says hard working people don't care about Christmas?

Christmas is really finally in the city, and it feels so much better to have the Christmas Symphony! =)  It simply makes the working class' day to day work a little bit lighter.  =)   After the C.O.D Christmas Show and Araneta Center Giant Christmas Tree Lighting, I believe Christmas Symphony will be one of the newest additions to these well loved Filipino Christmas traditions.

Who says only children are mesmerized with Christmas lights?

Advance Merry Christmas to all! =D


  1. Hi, is it ok if I use one of your Belen photos on my FB page? I will put a link back to your blog as my way of saying thanks :))

  2. Hi Anonymous, sure. Thanks for visiting! :)


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