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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Finally, our own football team to root for -- Go go go Azkals go!


Every FIFA World Cup, the whole world is always in festive mood.  And in such moments, I always envy a country which has its own team to cheer for.  Since ours is not on the football map then, I usually root for Brazil.

But now, that phase is over.  Though our football may be considered in its infancy stage yet and we still have a long way to go, I believe our country is on the right track.  While we are crazy as a nation about basketball, football is now within the radar of almost every Filipino.  The sport has finally arrived, and football may be next to basketball.  In a few months, the Philippines was transformed into a football country!  And that's because of our Team Azkals, the Philippine National Football Team.  Now, we have a team to cheer for!  Now we can celebrate with the world!

And thanks to my recent assignment, I was able to talk closely and get to know almost every Azkals player and hear their story. And I consider it an honor and privilege to have worked with our country's national football team.  In their recent World Cup qualifying match against Sri Lanka, their 5-1 aggregate score and the way they played for the country ignited the dormant Filipino spirit.  Once more, our country is one... and proud again.

As I work for this assignment, I made sure that I'll be able to deliver the best that I can.  That's all I can do for our country's newest heroes and the brand that has supported the team (and not just a few of them) and entrusted us of this responsibility, the new Cortal SQR.  Who would have not seen and heard about this awesome TVC:

One post would not be enough to tell the inspiring stories they shared with me.  Someone out there may be bitter (or sour) about their rise to popularity but I ask them to give the Azkals a chance.  I tell you, they've come a long way and they went through many things before they reached this stage.  And I think what they are getting now is very much deserved.  And for us, I guess it's only best that we support them and drop this crab mentality thing.  After all, as Aly Borromeo, the team captain, said recently in the Press Launch of Cortal SQR with Team Azkals, we are doing this for one flag.  

Watch out for more stories about the journey of Azkals in my upcoming blog posts.  For now, let me share with you the first batch of what the Azkals did for Tatak Digitista.  =) 

Aly Borromeo, Team Captain

Ian Araneta, Forward

Thanks a lot Aly and Ian!  More power to Team Azkals!  We Believe, Kaya ng Azkals Yan!  =)


  1. AZTIG!! Mabuhay ang PACONIAN!!

  2. Salamat Ian! Am glad you liked this one. =) Next year, I think is PCS' centennial, kaya mabuhay talaga Paconians! =)


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