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Friday, September 5, 2014

Reliving and Continuing the Eraserheads Nostalgia in Esquire's September 2014 Issue

POTATO ON THE GO STORY (Music / Magazine):

The Eraserheads music has been my life's musical score in college.  It's in my playlist whether I was home, at a road trip, in school, in our campus publication office, anywhere.  Their songs are the songs that my batch mates and barkada know by heart.  Since college up to now, the moment we hear any of their songs, we usually sing out loud, together and by the heart.

What I like about the Eraserheads music is i'ts unique among its contemporaries.  It's narrative but it has a message to tell.  You just need to dig deep to know what each song means.  For me, I interpreted Overdrive as fulfilling our dreams, Huling El Bimbo as loving in the midst of life's struggles.  Aside from that, the melody captures the soul of our generation, it's as if it became the language for us to express ourselves.  The lyrics reflects the way we think, the way we talk, the way we live.  It's just us - real but poetic.

But they disbanded a decade ago.  It broke our hearts but we can't do anything but understand them that they are normal dudes too.  Some things don't last.  All good things come to an end.  But the good thing is they left us with a music that narrated our youth.  So every time we want or need to go back to the past, the Eraserheads music is there.

Then every time there's a chance to do something with the Eraserheads music, we grab it! Whether it's a compilation of the best songs in one album or a revival of their songs or a gig by one of the band members  or a reunion concert by the entire band, we rally behind it.  Why?  I think it's our way to live again the music we grew up with.   It's our way to bridge the best moment of our lives.  It's our way to continue the nostalgia, even for a while.

So when I heard about their stint with Esquire, I just said to myself that I cannot not have a copy of it.  They're not reincarnating the band but Esquire commissioned Eraserheads to produce 2 songs for the special issue of the magazine - Sabado and 1995.  It's the first set of songs composed and recorded by the Eraserheads since their breakup over a decade ago.  And they recorded it in London!

It's not for sale.  We have to buy Esquire to get a copy of it, which as per the editor, is a piece of our pop culture. And I agree to it.  BUT, since yesterday, the issue was sold out!  This can't happen!

I was in an event yesterday so I asked some friends to grab one if they can pass by at any book store.  But as I was told, it's sold out!  Oh no!

But then there was Esquire event earlier, I asked a friend and a colleague who are attending the event to get a copy for me.  They said yes but I'm restless.  It's not that I don't believe they'll grab a copy for me but I just need to do something as well, by myself.  It's just me, I just can't wait for them.

So right after work, I checked 7 stores!  I went to Bibliarch in Glorietta 3 and they said it's sold out.  I went to National Bookstore Glorietta 1 and they said I need to reserve, and so I did.  I went to Landmark magazine stand and it's still negative.  Then I proceeded to Power Books Greenbelt but I needed to reserve as well, so I wrote my name and number again.  I went to Astrovision Greenbelt 5 but they're not aware of the issue and there was none.

So I accepted the fact that I may not get a copy at all or perhaps I just need to wait until a second print will come out.  So on my way to AIM, where our community meets, I passed by National Book Store Greenbelt 1.  I was told it's sold out and I need to register to reserve a copy.  So there, I was in NBS GB1, calmly writing down my name and contact number when the sales lady at the customer service told her counterpart to give me one of the last two issues (the other issue was reserved).  And suddenly, I beamed with brightness, I was in full smile and said a big THANK YOU!  They are angels!  They must have felt me!  :)  So when they finally gave me my copy, I was in cloud 9!  Good times!

I'm now reading the magazine and checking on the singles.  I'll share my thoughts on it on my next blog post.

For now, let me continue the Eraserheads nostalgia, even for a brief time.

P.S. Good job on this Esquire!  Good job for Eraserheads integrated content, buzz marketing and public relations efforts!  You did it again! :)

#EsquireEheadsNow TaDifies!And that's the foydi way! :)

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