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Monday, June 6, 2011

Creative Blog Entries Dominate the Electrolux Dynamica Doom of the Broom Blog Contest

Action & Event-ure:

In line with its launch of the Dynamica vacuum cleaner, Electrolux, the global leader in household appliances from Sweden, recently concluded the much anticipated Doom of the Broom Blog Contest. Opened to all bloggers residing in the Philippines, 10 blog posts were chosen to win out of the many entries that made it to the April 30 cut-off.

In photo are the winners of Electrolux Dynamica Doom of the Broom Blog Contest and Electrolux Philippines’ Marketing Team.
Winning the grand prize is “Doom of the Broom” by lifestyle blogger Iris Acosta of Pinay Ads. Iris Acosta demonstrated creativity by making an original comic strip that showed the difficulties of using a broom for everyday household cleaning. She described the special features of Dynamica vacuum cleaner which are perfect in saving her from the broom crisis. Also, the entry received the most positive feedback from readers, garnering an impressive number of 218 responses in the blog post.

 In photo are (from left): Electrolux Philippines Product Manager Andrea Pionilla, Dynamica Doom of the Broom Grand Prize Winner Iris Acosta and Electrolux Philippines Marketing Manager Terry Sales.
The rest of the winners were:

“It’s the doom of my broom… hopefully” by Rowena Wendy Lei of Animetric’s World (2nd Place)

“Why cleaning should not be a burden” by Arvin Ello of Imagine Green (3rd Place)

“A dying note from Wally” by Ellen Joy Castel Cayaba of Bloggity Boop (4th Place)

“I want to start the Doom of the Broom” by Richard Mamuyac of Machismis

“A tale of pain and passion” by Ria Rosauro Romero of Something to Live By (tied at 5th Place)

“If only Nimbus 2000 can save the day” by Ruth Cruz of Ruthilicious (6th Place)

“The Doom of the Broom” by Pehpot Pineda of At Home Here (7th Place)

“Doom of the Broom: Start Now” by Lariza Garcia of Mom’s World of Arts and Happiness (8th Place)

“An ode to the broom” by Butchie Dublin of Filipina Explorer (9th Place).

The blog post entries were judged based on the following criteria: Originality - 25%, Creativity - 25%, Use of Media - 20% and Popularity -30%.

Each of the winners received a brand new Dynamica vacuum cleaner. Electrolux also awarded the grand prize winner with kitchen favorites, like the portable induction cooker and rice cooker. Ria Rosauro Romero, on the other hand, also received a rice cooker as a special prize for having the early bird entry.

The Dynamica Vacuum Cleaner 

Dynamica Vacuum Cleaner boasts of a sleek razor-like design that makes it pretty to the eyes unlike your regular eye-sore broom. Its double-jointed floor nozzle enables the head to swivel from side-to-side, making cleaning those -to-reach areas and corners an absolute breeze. And, it comes with a parking stand for easy storage, which is ideal for those who live in condominiums.

The Dynamica is the perfect cleaning companion – easy to handle, only weighing 1.6 kilograms, yet very powerful at the same time. Its motor brush and cyclonic action allows the Dynamica to pick up everything from hair and fiber to dust and crumbs for a visible and effective clean feel on carpets, wooden surfaces and hard floors.

And finally, the Dynamica not only makes cleaning easy, it is also easy to clean and maintain. You have a one-liter dust container so you don’t have to empty it so often. When you do, all it takes is a single push of a button to clear the dust container. The same process goes for cleaning the brush.


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