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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

HAPPY FEET 2 is one cool movie! :) -- HAPPY FEET 2 Movie Review


Antarctica is a place that fuels my curiosity.  So when March of the Penguins and Happy Feet were screened a few years ago, I was amazed how wonderful the penguins are.  Prior to that, it's just Penguin, Batman's villain, that captured my attention haha. And when I heard that Warner Bros. is cooking up the sequel to Happy Feet 2, I can't help but get excited.  :)  

Mumble (Elijah Wood) returns to the screen but this time with his son Erik (Elizabeth Daily who voiced the young Mumble in part 1).  He has a problem though with his son as Erik is choreo-phobic.  Remember, he was the one who popularized dancing in the first film.  Embarrassed with his first dance and reluctant to do it again, Erik runs away and encounters a penguin who can fly -- The Mighty Sven!  Mumble this time competed with The Mighty Sven for his child's adoration.  But things get worse when the world is shaken by powerful forces.  Erik discovers his father's real worth as Mumble goes out of his way to solve a disaster. 

Happy Feet 2 official movie trailer

Directed by George Miller, Happy Feet 2 is a fascinating story of the Antarctic's wildlife that depicts relationships among the family, friends, community and other living creatures in the cycle of life.  It may be a simple animation but it teaches us lessons on acceptance, forgiveness, cooperation, compassion, word of honor and love.  It also shows how each one of earth's living creatures is interconnected and dependent on each other.  And a disruption in the balance of life will definitely affect everyone.

For the story on the production, please click Happy Feet to repeat its feat on the big screen.

Like the first one, Happy Feet 2 was able to weave in an important lesson about environment concern.  If the first one talked about ocean pollution, the sequel presented something more alarming but still relevant to the movie's setting.

Many of the characters are adorable, from Mumble, Gloria (Pink taking over from the late Brittany Murphy) and Erik to Sven (Hank Azaria), Ramon (Robin Williams), Carmen (Sofia Vergara) and Lovelace (voiced by Robin Williams as well); from the elephant seals to the krills (Brad Pitt and Matt Damon).

The animation is well polished and the magnificent setting of Antarctica is well explored.  And most importantly, I fell in love with the music and the dance numbers!  :)  

Going back to the story, I definitely enjoyed how the film is told.  As I smile at the musical scenes and felt wonderful at the adventures of the animals, I was also frightened on the environment concern.  But I just do hope that children who will watch the movie will be as open minded as there's no better time to teach this but today that our planet is already threatened. The film though just missed this little thing on explaining the way the children will understand the cause of the environment problem in the story, and how to weave it well. And this I guess where parents or guardians should come in.

As I watched the film in IMAX, Happy Feet Two's 3D effect is magnanimous in underwater scenes and in exploring the wonderful landscapes of Antarctica.  So for maximum viewing experience, catch it in IMAX or 3D.  :)

Krills Will and Bill are also fun to watch and their scenes brought an important subplot as well.  Their dialogues just brought the house down!  'But since this is a family movie, I somehow expected how they will directly interact with the main characters.  I still acknowledge the importance of the inclusion of the characters but I think a more direct connection will be more appreciated by the film's target audience. 

In summary, Happy feet Two is a cool movie, not just because it's shot in Antarctica, but how the animation was able to bring fun, teach golden lessons and drive the concern on environment.  It's definitely a nice watch for the family, especially this ber season [Christmas Season in the Philippines, that starts in September :) ], when families go out and shop.  They should try getting into the movie house and watch Happy Feet 2 :)

From a scale of one to ten claps, I'm giving Happy Feet 2 a 7 1/2 plus tons of tap dance!  From Warner Bros., Happy Feet 2 opens in theaters on Novemburr 23.

Folks, don't forget, every step counts!  :) 

Special thanks to Warner Bros. Philippines for inviting Tatak Digitista - Potato On The Go to the press screening in IMAX SM MOA.  

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