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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Show Must Go On -- Sick, voiceless and tearful Regine performs all the way at her SILVER concert, promises a repeat of the show for free when she gets well


Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez has just proven what it takes to be a real performer.  At SILVER, Regine's sold out 25th anniversary concert at the world-class Mall of Asia Arena, she showed to the audience what "The Show Must Go On" means as she continued to perform at the concert despite her sickness (viral infection) and lack of voice.  

At her sexy and feisty opening number (Shine and Where Have You Been), we were not able to fully notice that Regine was suffering from an ailment.  But the moment she talked, we noticed her husky voice.  And  she explained that they were actually thinking of canceling the show as she really didn't have a performing voice that day.  But she said the audience waited for this and the show is for them.  And the fact that they showed up, Regine is more than inspired to continue performing.  In fact, she said "Kahit na dumugo lalamunan ko.  Syeeet, lalabas din 'to (referring to her voice).   And her fans and admirers just loved Regine too much and many shouted "Okay lang Regine", "We love you songbird".  But Regine, in her desire to give her best to the audience, said that she'll do the concert again, for free!  " I'll show you how this should be performed," Regine emotionally added.  And everyone clapped and shouted with joy! 

And Regine continued.  She did a Ryan Cayabyab medley like Araw Gabi and Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka.  Regine did her best to exercise her vocal prowess but Regine was struggling.  There were times that she would stop and we could see in her face the frustration.  After that number, she cried.  She said she prepared a lot for this concert (it's her 25th anniversary celebration) since it was supposed to happen last year but she gave birth to her first child.  She wanted to get back on stage but unfortunately, the sickness came at a very wrong time.  But the audience loved her a lot and cheered her up.

Regine tearfully said, "I expected the worst.  I thought you'll boo me.  But here you are, you are the ones cheering me up.  I really appreciate that." And with that statement, many shed tears too like host / actress Kris Aquino.  For me, I could see that it is every performer's fear, to get booed no matter how much an artist did well or contributed in the past.  

Regine's friends and loved ones came into the rescue.  Ogie Alcasid, her husband, and Janno Gibbs performed with Regine and they sang their well loved duets.  But Regine's signature belting in Hanggang Ngayon was not there but Ogie helped Regine get through.  And Regine hugged and kissed her husband many times showing how thankful she was.

After the OJ portion, Regine went back with a vengeance with her performance of "In Your Eyes" which is a duet with an MTV.  A lot were impressed on this part and I even heard some saying "Yan ba ang paos?". 

Regine also called her impersonator Anton Diva to sing with her.  Regine said, "Who else could sing this song but Anton Diva, Mang Jerry's adopted daughter!".  Anton embraced Regine showing her support.  And then they both sang On The Wings of Love but Anton took care of the highest notes while Regine proceeded to her surprise harness performance. 

Her number with Lani Misalucha was one of the highlights of the show.  Though "wounded", Regine gave her best in that portion.  And the audience can't help but give an astounding applause.  

Lani comforting Regine

Lani singing her signature song "Bukas na lang Kita Mamahalin"

Although the show was full of tears, comedy spiels and moments also flooded the concert.  Regine initially took the situation lightly and cracked a lot of hilarious jokes.  And then Ogie and Janno did their OJ to the tune of Promdi where they told Regine's story in a funny way.  Michael V, followed by Ogie and Janno, surprised the audience with their performance of the Korean craze Gangnam Style.  Stand-up comedians Vice Ganda and John Sweet Lapus were called to go up the stage and together with Regine, they gave another hilarious moment during the show.

At the closing number, Regine went back with a sexier outfit.  And then she officially announced, "We will do this show again, for free.  You deserve better than this.  Keep your tickets!"  (She said the concert will happen as soon as she gets better but it will still be within the year).  The audience lauded Regine for this announcement, not because of a free concert, but for Regine's love for her fans and passion for her music.   Regine then became emotional when she expressed how frustrated she was because she waited a lot to make a comeback on stage, she prepared a lot, and sacrificed many things like time with her husband and child."  

The Mall of Asia Arena, true to its commitment in being the home of world-class Filipino music icons (kick-started with its launch concert event "Icons at MoA Arena" earlier in June where Regine was part of), immediately told our Asia's Songbird that the venue will also be for free for them. Regine and everyone else were happy to hear the good news! 

And lastly Regine paid tribute to her mentor, her father, Mang Jerry, her mom and her son Nate.  She jokingly said, "Wag kang mawawala, uulitin natin 'to.  Kailangan nandito ka."  And since no voice was coming out anymore, the program was cut short and Regine did her wonderful dance finale via Shake Your Groove Thing.

All I can say is that Silver may not be what Regine and the audience initially expected but instead the show became a venue of something better... a celebration of shared music, love and appreciation.  And what else can best gauge how successful a 25th anniversary concert is but the show of love between the performer and her fans and supporters.  And I'm privileged to have witnessed that.  As Vice Ganda said, "Wala ka nang dapat patunayan Regine.  Nandito kami dahil gusto ka naming makasama."

At the start, Ryan Cayabyab and Raul Mitra rendered Regine's greatest hits and I told myself, "Wow, Regine had so much hits and contribution to Filipino music."  And that 25 years cannot be erased with one unexpected situation.  With that, my appreciation of Regine's musicality was never affected, in fact, I admire and respect her even more.

For those who watched the concert, just keep your tickets and wait for future announcements!  So what else can I say but see you at the next "Silver". :)

And that has been the TaDi way!  Have a great musical day!


  1. "REGINE will ALWAYS be the WORLD'S GREATEST SINGER and PERFORMER of ALL TIME!" Ika nga ni Maestro Ryan Cayabyab, "She's on TOP! No one can argue with that!!! Long live the ASIA'S SONGBIRD... MS. REGINE VELASQUEZ-ALCASID!!!

  2. i love REGINE VELASQUEZ EVEN MORE! After what she did last night! :)) You are still the voice to beat. See you sa repeat! :))

  3. Tao lang si Ms regine..lahat nagkakasakit..unfortunately dun pa sa araw ng concert nya sya nagkasakit which affects her voice. But definitely she will be back once she gets better for her silver repeat concert. Still regine is still the voice the beat and reigning still!


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