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Friday, January 4, 2013

Cash and Coins to Welcome the New Year!

Treasure Find  35:

Another thing we do before the new year arrives is do a general cleaning of our house and our room, to as what other folks believe, make more room for the entry of financial blessings! :)

That's not my motivation though.  I just want to start 2013 year with a new, clean and fresh outlook.  So come December 29 (after 12 mn!)  and upon waking up on December 30, I cleaned and re-arranged the fixtures in my room.  It was a tiring time because I have plenty of stuffs to fix.  

But a blessing came in!  I found Treasure No. 35!  :)  Now, I might believe that cleaning your place may lead to financial blessings!  Haha!  :D  Why?  While cleaning my room, I found PhP 12,000 which I kept so it won't be spent (and I completely forgot!) and two bowls of coins in my old cabinet!  What a way to welcome the new year right?

I discovered the coins on December 29 while I found the cash on January 1!  :)

I don't know if this is the effect of watching John en Marsha in the 80s where money can be found anywhere in Delya Atayatayan's house: under the carpet, inside the flower vase etc! Haha :D

Well, some financial advisors may be unhappy with this as they would say those money should have been invested and earned interest.  But this was really accidental savings!  :D  But I guess, that's a lesson and something I should improve on this year, to work on my personal accounting!  :)  I took the Accounting for Non-Accountants course anyway!  :)

But what is the real Treasure Find 35?  Is it the money?  Well, yes, it's a bonus!  But more than that, it's the idea of preparing and welcoming the change in our lives.  It's a very healthy exercise, literally and figuratively speaking!  :)

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