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Friday, September 6, 2013

Much Awaited Staycation in Waterfront Manila Pavilion!


Staycation. Aside from spa or massage, I think staycation or the art of making staying indoors a prime leisure activity :) has become my favorite hobby in recent years. Perhaps my reason would be taking a break from the stress I always experience caused about the fast paced environment where I move around.

Like for example, after a week of "death defying stunts" and sleepless nights for several projects at hand, I will definitely check-in at a hotel or inn and spend an overnight to relax, sleep longer and enjoy the serenity. Some may find it unnecessary but for someone like me, it is a must as I need that quick break.

And with that, the next hotel I checked was the Waterfront Manila Pavilion and Casino at UN Avenue corner Ma. Orosa St. in Manila. Well, this hotel is something close to my heart.  Why? When this was still named Manila Hilton in the 80’s, my father used to work there as Credit and Collections Manager. I think I was just 3 or 4 years old then but the stories he shared and I heard stuck in my mind for years, until now.

In fact, there was a painting in our old house that photographed the view of Luneta looking from Manila Hilton. I can’t find that painting anymore but the view remained in my multi-media (yes, not photographic) memory! And I was glad when I saw the same view when I finally checked in at Waterfront Manila Pavilion.

Although my high regard for the hotel never faded, I somehow heard some remarks that it was not maintained well and the rooms were not comfortable anymore. But, when I learned a few years back that Waterfront, the same management of Waterfront Cebu, took over the facility, I felt the hotel is up for something big as I know that hotel chain is in the big league!

So as soon as I entered Manila Pavilion, I was amazed with the fusion of elegance and simplicity of the lobby. Aside from that, the personnel were so hospitable and friendly. In fact two of them accompanied me to my room!  And I could say the deluxe room is at par with the similar rooms in 5-star hotels and resorts I've been to.

As I already said, my plan was a staycation so I headed to nearest convenience store and bought some goods that will keep me full and satisfied (and fixed!) while in the hotel. Then, I started the movie marathon (from Aliens to Karate Kid series) while rolling around the big comfortable bed with tons of smooth soft pillows!  I just felt I was in clouds. It was just a rejuvenating afternoon! 

What else did I like about my room -- the bathroom / restroom is compact, all I need is within reach of my hand!

I also find the mini bar / ref cute!  Actually, I initially thought there was none but it was just below the TV! :)

And of course, I was mesmerized with the view of Luneta from room's window, the same view that stuck in my mind since I was a child!  :)

This is just the first day of my stay. Watch out for my next post that will talk more the hotel,  my tour of the facility… and the mouth watering buffet served at Seasons CafĂ©!

For inquiries and reservations, please call 1-800-10-9376688

That has been the TaDi way!
Have a relaxing day! :)

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