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Monday, September 12, 2011

Astrovision and Astroplus, Preserving the Best Movies, Keeping the Precious Memories

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I'm a big movie fan.  If you've been reading my blog religiously, I bet this is not much of a revelation to you anymore =).  I think I got this from my dad who had really been an A1 movie follower.  Whether it's at the theater or TV or VHS, be sure he's among the firsts to check his most liked films.  There are movies though that are way beyond my generation but my father was able to introduce me to them.  Think of the first Indiana Jones, The King and I, Ten Commandments, haha, I learned that and the stories behind it from him.  So I grew up with the movies; and I just know when one title should be kept, be part of the collection and be watched over and over again.  Before, it was hard getting your own original copies of your favorite movies but thank heaven and earth for the rise of video shops like Astrovision / Astroplus!  Now, when one movie is destined to be classic, getting your own copy is as easy as buying a hamburger!  =)

For me, getting a video copy of my favorite or a memorable film does not only give me the chance to watch it anytime I want but it allows me to preserve a memory, a special moment in my life, when I  first saw and enjoyed that movie.  I for example would always be reminded of our family and Christmas gatherings when I watch The Sound of Music, of my fun college buddies and our movie trips when I see Anaconda and I Know What You Did Last Summer, of my co-movie fan brother and our pizza nights when I play Underworld and X-Men videos at home, and some cheesy moments when I get a glimpse of She's All That haha =D.  How about you?  What's the story behind your favorite movie?  =)

So when I got the invite from Orange Magazine TV about the first Bloggers Blowout of Astrovision, I of course immediately said yes.  How could a movie blogger (and a long time movie fan) could be out of this momentous occasion?  =)  And I'm glad I was part of it because I got to know the brands and the people behind the movie / video industry and the things they are doing for movie fanatics like me.  =)

Astrovision's journey is similar to how the the video / movie industry has evolved.  Children of the 80's like me would know that for the pleasure of home viewing before, we need to rent tapes at the video store hehe (or buy from abroad).  Then in the 90's to 2000, video shops emerged and eventually sold VHS, CDs, VCDs and DVDs to the public.  And this is how the Astro companies started.  Owner Jimmy Lim started the business as a video rental store when he was still in college.   But since Astrovision's name was derived from the word "astral" which means heaven sent, the business lived up to its name and indeed became a blessing to him.  It evolved and grew big; and the rest as they say is history!  

AstroVision's newest branch in Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City

Astrovision now has more than 50 wholly owned branches nationwide.  With utmost determination and an eye for successful program initiatives, Jimmy and his Astro team were able to surpass various turning points in the industry.  Like for this year, Astro will also offer a wide array of products and gadgets to cater to the changing and demanding digital lifestyle of movie as well as music lovers today.  While the company is attending to the demands of customers who want foreign produced films like hard to find products and imported titles from US and Asia, Astro is also supporting the local artists by developing its Independent Artists Lineup. 

Astroplus / Astrovision is now considered as the country's leading Entertainment Lifestyle Store that offers not only the latest in movies but in music and gadgets as well that keep the Filipinos up to date in terms of entertainment experience.  Astro prides itself in providing a wide array of products to enhance every entertainment experience partnered with homegrown customer service, ensuring that every visit to Astro is worthwhile. 

Astrovision / Astroplus Marketing Consultants David Halili and Katherine Choy share the journey of the company.

Astrovision / Astroplus held the Bloggers Blowout in its newest store in Greenbelt 5 to spread the news news about what the video company is cooking up for its loyal customers.  The Astrovision Bloggers Blowout also featured topnotch video companies like Magnavision, C-Interactive and Viva Video which presented the latest about their brands and previews of the upcoming videos.  Warner Bros. Pictures and 20th Century Fox on the other hand presented the trailers of the movies to be released in videos soon through the state of the art LG Cinema 3D TV.  

Magnavision talks about the latest from their line-up of videos.

LG Cinema 3D TV allows a more comfortable viewing of 3D movies at home through its Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology which provides 3D images that are flicker-free and virtually eliminates dizziness and cross talk.  Plus LG Cinema 3D's glasses are light weight, flexible and easy-to-wear!  Oh I want to own a set of this! =)

C-Interactive presents the upcoming blockbusters under their line.

Viva Videe Representative shares their long-time partnership with Astrovision / Astroplus

Well, I guess, movie formats will continue to evolve and change will never end.  But the movie, its story, will  thrive and live and continue to entertain, inform and touch the lives of people and the future generations as long as video companies do not stop to adapt to the demands of changing times.  And this is what Astroplus / Astrovision has been doing.  So thank you Astrovision / Astroplus for keeping this part of our pop culture alive and kicking!  =)  More than preserving these precious films, you also keep the memories of our childhood and our lives' most cherished experiences.  With that said, it's just short to say that you've been part of our lives, and with you around and growing, we're looking forward to enjoying more movies at the pleasure of our home!  =)  

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  1. Hey Thanks for this super nice blog. =) I would like to correct it's David Halili and Katherine Choy Marketing Consultants of Astro. =)

    Watch out for the next bloggers event.

    hope to see you there!



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