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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yes FM DJs for Tatak Digitista

Foydi's Catch:

Who would not be intrigued by these three lady DJs of Yes FM -- Christindera, Emmaharot and Probinsiena?!  I was introduced to them recently and I was surprised to know that behind those wacky names are pretty and bubbly girls!  =)  And yes, now they are the latest addition to the "Celebrities and Personalities for Tatak Digitista" series.  Presenting, the Yes FM Girls:

Yes FM's Kristine Dera for Tatak Digitista

Yes FM's Emma Harot for Tatak Digitista

Yes FM's Robin Siena for Tatak Digitista


  1. Wow... One of my crushes is here and that's Emmaharot... Way to go Tatak Digitista!

  2. Hi Marnell! Oh well, I can not blame you, Emma Harot is such one lovely girl, and a cool and fun DJ! =) Thanks for the support Marnell!


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