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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Hunt for the Ex and the Lasting Sex -- WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER? Movie Review

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Ever been hit by magazine quizzes, that after answering them and finding the results, you'll end up in silence, thinking and convincing yourself that indeed it's true?!  If yes, then you're like Anna Faris who's paired with Chris Evans in the new sexy comedy movie "What's Your Number?" from 20th Century Fox.  

What's Your Number narrates the adventures and misadventures of Ally Darling (Anna Faris), who after reading that magazine article on the average number of lovers women should have in their lifetime, is in hunt for all her exes, to choose one and marry him as she's convinced that she has reached the limit of sexual partners a woman can have before she deemed unmarriageable.  With celibacy as a non-starter, Ally embarks on a mission to find a mate, without adding to the number, by seeking the colorful and strange assortment of her ex-lovers.  Yes folks, all her troubles, started with that one magazine article!  =D  Haha!  Good thing, her hottie-next-door neighbor Colin (Chris Evans) is a handy man that willingly helps Ally in her quest to back track the exes who might happen to be her chosen one!

Well just think about the plot, for sure you'll know that you are headed for one wacky adventure!  That's what "What's Your Number?" is, with Ally's adventure to meet again and marry the guy from her past, she, and the audience, were in a hilarious and crazy ride of getting to know and dealing with her all kind of exes (and how she had sex with them!) -- the puppeteer, the over eater, the OB who only remembers her face below and the guy who turned gay after hooking up with her... the movie is just one big laugh trip!  Think of Deuce Bigalow, and you'll know what I mean, only on its female version!  =D

Ana Farris, just like in her other films, is so animated in "What's Your Number?", making her the perfect choice for the role!  She's not so lady like and that's why the viewers love her here. Her hair is on fire, she falls from the fence, her b**bs almost pop out, she does drunk dancing and talking, her face can move in all directions, she's just one crazy woman who does not mind the world at all!  =D (of well, except for that magazine article of course haha).

Christ Evans' character here is not new from his previous roles, the ultimate bachelor who gets all the girls!  And I must say he really is a well fit in this role.

Set design is also something I like, whether Ally and Colin are in each others' rooms or walking the streets of Chicago(?), the movie was able to establish the characters of the film through the relevant design of the setting.  And music of course gives soul to the love... and sex story.  =)

As this is a romantic comedy, the movie is a bit predictable but I guess what Ally went through, learned and realized are the things that differentiated the movie.  The last major conflict is something I did not expect and I think a lot of women in the theater felt for Colin.  The way it's resolved though is something sudden, the writer could have planted some scenes or characterization build-up to justify why Ally finally knows what she's looking for.  The memorable line, which is the redeeming value that led the main character to knowing what she's looking for,  is understanbly cheesy but it captures what the movie is trying to tell - "Being in love is being ourselves" or something like that!  =D

And after the tons of laughter in store in the movie, that I guess is the bonus, the underlying message that we can get from the movie.  We should not be shackled by society's sick stereotyping.  We should just live life, love people, make mistakes (unintentionally I hope hehe), rise from it, and be happy. 

From a scale of 1 to 10 claps, I'm giving "What's Your Number?" a 7 1/2!  =)  From 20th Century Fox, What's Your Number hits the Philippine theaters on October 05!

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