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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Much Needed Cleaning 101 from Scotch-Brite


I am not domesticated :).  This is what I usually reason out to friends and family members whenever they discover that I don't follow the usual rules in housekeeping.  Well, I must admit, I'm always on the go and as long as I see my place visually clean, then that's good enough for me.  Doing the ABCs of cleaning was not a priority for me.  'But living independently let me realize that sometimes, I can't do shortcuts and must follow the long tedious way in house cleaning so that I can rest more comfortably. 

So with little dumps, spills and footprints, the floor can be one of the hardest to clean areas at home.  Good thing Scotch Brite sent me a kit containing practical tips in floor cleaning and sample products for me to try  out!  :)  (Mom, I think I'll keep this one as I need this in my place hehe).  So let me share the tips with you.  Here they go:

Not all floors are the same. Know the floor type that you will clean to know the cleaning method to use, as well as the cleaning tools you will need. Different floors require different cleaning methods and some can work for one type but can ruin another. Floor types can vary from the most common like ceramic tiles, vinyl and linoleum, and to expensive floor types like hardwood and marble. Ceramic tiles, vinyl and linoleum would just need regular polishing while hardwood and marble need extra care to keep it from scratches and chemicals that can cause wear and tear.

Clear the floor. Make sure that you get the big junks and objects off your way before you sweep the surface and start mopping the floor to make sure you get all the dust particles.

Different mop types for different uses. Know what type of cleaning tool to use because some will work for wet areas and some for dry areas. For regular cleaning, you can use Scotch-Brite™ Everyday Cleaning Mop, made of cotton. It has looped ends to prevent fraying and linting. For wet surfaces, you can use Scotch-Brite™ Super Drying Mop made of micro-fiber strips which quickly absorbs spilled liquid and effectively dries wet surfaces.

The perfect mop accessory. Know the right accessory for your mopping task like the Scotch-Brite™ Mop Wringer Bucket to help you work faster and easier. Its hands-free wringer makes mopping more convenient and definitely more hygienic. The bucket also has innovative features like a 20-liter volume capacity and anti-slip grip. No icky germs can get on your hands!

Know the right way to mop your floor. After you sweep the dust, mop from the innermost part of the room. Mop from corner to corner until you reach the room’s entrance so you don’t step on the cleaned area. Mop the area by doing a side to side motion to make sure you cover all spots. Scotch-Brite™ Mops has a small round mop head that can clean even the corners and hard to reach areas of the floor. It also has a lightweight handle to keep your arms from tiring easily while cleaning.

Hmmm, this seems easy.  Okay, I'll take the challenge!  Hehe.  Mission clean-up begins!  :) 

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