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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Anatomy of the TaDi Pose


Last year, you've seen the 100 celebrities and personalities who did the TaDi Pose (posed for Tatak Digitista).  A lot were amused, delighted and supportive, a few silently didn't approve of it for reasons I do not know, and some would like to follow what I did.

Well first, there are there are two reasons why the TaDi Pose was created.  It's both an escape and a capture.

It is an escape.  The first time is always nostalgic for every person, whether it's the first time he gets into a place or meet an important person or experience something new.  So for this one, meeting celebrities and personalities I admire for the first time, is something worth documenting and sharing.  However, I am quite hesitant to share the usual side by side pics because some of my friends would jokingly call me a stalker haha!  (I keep most of the side by side pics as a personal file!)  Haha.  So I thought of a way how to express the nostalgia in a different way, and that's through the TaDi pose!   I'm not in the scene but the rest will know that I was there.  :)

Tatak Digitista for Christmas 2011

It is a capture . I wanted a creative way to show that a celebrity or an important personality had been part of Tatak Digitista.  I want to capture that special moment for my blog. And there's no better way than for them doing the TaDi Pose!  :)

Tatak Digitista for New Year 2012

Well, there's no one stopping other people to follow what I'm doing.  In fact, in a way, I didn't start this.  From what I heard, Jonel Uy has his Sago mascot in photo for his branding while Bryan Boy let celebrities write I Love Bryan Boy and take a photo of it.  So, I guess, my suggestion is just to be creative on the way how you want to brand your blog.  Don't follow our executions.  For example, Jeman Villanueva of Orange Magazine TV let the stars he interview to greet his readers via his iphone.  And I heard Rod Magaru of The Rod Magaru Show will be coming up with his signature microphone.  So, the creative ways are endless, not just the through the logo sign like the TaDi Pose.  There are tons of stuff.  Our ideas should be original, creative and groundbreaking. Let's challenge our minds.  So whether you're a blogger or a cable TV network or a community newspaper, it would be better to do something innovative, so you can own it and be really proud of it.

Well, moving forward, as mentioned previously, the next series in the TaDi Pose is coming up.  I'm so excited for that so just watch out for it, very soon.  :)

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