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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rugby Session with Volcanoes, Diving with Whale Sharks, Boy Abunda's DSquared Glasses and More, Available in WWF Greener at 50 Fundraising Online Auction at eBay


The recent Typhoon Sendong was another reminder that we really need to take environment issues seriously.  We witnessed how climate change can have devastating effects in property and lives of people.  Now is the time to rebuild the nation and prepare for long term plans and more sustainable environmental programs so that such effects of natural calamities and disasters may be reduced or eventually prevented.

This is what WWF is working on for the past 50 years.  As it celebrate its 50th Anniversary, WWF launched the Greener at 50 Fundraising Online Auction to raise funds for the environment.  Now on its second leg, WWF announces the available items donated by WWF supporters and unique experiences managed by the organization.  Everyone can help by bidding for the following:

Exclusive Rugby 101 session with the Philippine Volcanoes.  PhP 2,500 (first come, first served basis)
Led by Jake Letts, Men’s 7s Team Captain and One Ticket (Preferred Seating) to the Asian 5 Nations Division 1 Championships at the Rizal Memorial Stadium. Like the Philippine Ruby Football Union’s Mission and Vision to make Rugby Union a recognized and popular sport in the Philippines, WWF hopes to instil love for our living planet in every Filipino’s heart. Our national team, the Philippine Volcanoes, is offering this exclusive introductory rugby training to send out the message that appreciation of the sport begins with learning it. In the same way, WWF invites us to take the first step of understanding why it is important to care for nature in order to realize that even our little participation can make a big difference. As a culmination, each of the new rugby trainee will get a chance to get one preferred seating in April as the Philippines hosts the Asian 5 Nations Division 1 Championships at the Rizal Memorial Stadium. Here you get to see the sport and the Philippine Volcanoes live in action as they stand up against Sri Lanka, Singapore and Chinese Taipei. (Ticket is non-transferrable) So whether you are a sports enthusiast eager to pick up a new sport or understand rugby better or a supporter of environmental advocacies who want to participate in a fun activity, this is an experience not to be missed.

Boy Abunda’s DSquared Glasses (Color: Black).  Starting bid: PhP 1,999
 For Philippine King of Talk Boy Abunda, his specs are more than just an eyewear. It's a valuable piece that helps him witness day to day the beauty of the living planet more clearly.  It's also an eye-opener that mother earth is in a continuous threat of degradation if we do not start contributing to its preservation. With this realization, Boy Abunda did not hesitate to be a part of that step towards the solution hoping he can encourage more participants to be agents of the environment.

Diving with Whale Shark Experience at Donsol, Sorsogon.  Price: PhP 25,000 (first come, first served basis)
WWF has been assisting the local government of Donsol in conserving its whale sharks for over a decade through the development of a community-based eco-tourism scheme and coastal resource management program. Their fifth class municipality has now risen to first class – and Whale shark tourism is now the Bicol Region's most popular tourist activity – even cited by TIME magazine as the best animal encounter destination in Asia. The project aims to contribute to the regional objective of creating a ‘network of MPAs in the Coral Triangle that protects the migration routes, feeding and breeding sites of sea turtles, manta rays, and whale sharks’ by establishing community-based ecotourism and coastal resource management. Conservation work includes innovative photo identification, satellite tagging to track long-distance migration and whale shark interaction enhancement programs.

Pat Dy's personal photo collection printed by Canon Philippines.  Starting bid: PhP 500
Pat Dy has been known to be a photographer and a musician. He is also one of Canon’s Digital Brand Ambassadors and Sandisk Ambassadors. His love for photography has brought him to specialize in Fashion, Weddings, People, and Advertising. He has shot countless celebrity covers over the years and has worked with leading publications. For him, photos capture the beauty of a person, of a place, and even of an action. These photos are from his personal collection and by bidding for the environment you can get it with his signature. Let this be a reminder of how beautiful the world is and that we are the agents who can help preserve it.

Prima Ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde's Pointe Ballet Shoes (Color: Pink).  Starting bid: PhP 1,999.
Loved by Prima Ballerina, Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, these pointed shoes are especially memorable for her because she wore them in her last performance of Le Corsaire (The Pirate) full-length ballet in the title role of Medora. This pair has a rich history as it takes hard work for a ballerina to be in complete harmony with her footwear and get comfortable with it on stage. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, being an environmental advocate herself, hopes through conservation efforts like this, humans in this day through the future also strive to dance in perfect harmony with nature.

WWF Butanding (Whale Shark) Pillow.  Starting bid: PhP 399.
In 1998, local scuba divers captured the first documentation of the whale shark or butanding in Donsol, Sorsogon. This was brought to the attention of WWF-Philippines and from then on, the organization has worked with the local government to develop a community-based eco-tourism scheme and coastal resource management program in the area. Today, Donsol is considered the undisputed “Whale Shark Capital of the World.” The whale shark or butanding is the world’s largest living species of fish. Contrary to its fierce appearance, the butanding is a gentle fish that mainly feeds on plankton and krill. Swimming with this beautiful creature in Donsol is something one should experience. But if you cannot do it at this time, you can always give it a cuddle with this fluffy WWF butanding pillow. One side has the butanding picture and the other, the WWF logo with the words 'You have the power to help.' Indeed, you do!

WWF Pawikan ( Green Sea Turtle) Pillow.  Starting bid: PhP 399.
The green sea turtle, commonly known in the Philippines as pawikan, is one of the few marine species that eats seagrass. Through constant but controlled browsing, they keep grass beds pruned and trim. This encourages new growth and ensures that seagrass beds, vital nurseries for juvenile fish and invertebrates, are kept healthy. Unfortunately, the green sea turtle might not be around long enough. Its population has dwindled due to centuries of hunting, land development, marine pollution and accidental fisheries by catch. It is now classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) as endangered and is now protected by Philippine law. Without the green sea turtles, the marine food chain unravels. And we will have no fish, no food. Help WWF-Philippines protect the pawikan by bidding for this fluffy WWF Pawikan Pillow. One side has the pawikan picture and the other, the WWF logo with its website for more information and the words "You have the power to help." Indeed, you do!

Bid for the environment and support WWF-Philippines! Those interested to participate in the Greener at 50 auction can visit www.ebay.ph/wwfgreenerat50 to start bidding! WWF will use the donations to turn individual efforts into collective actions as we look forward to more years of protecting and sustaining our living Planet.

Be part of the solution. Be an agent of the environment. Bid for the future!

Note: (with contributions from Len Caccam and Tricia Cusi)


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