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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chicharron ni Mang Juan, take a bite and be bitten!


If we make a vote today on which is the most iconic Filipino snack, I can strongly bet that chicharon will be top of our list!  Who would be able to resist the crunch and mouthwatering taste of this well loved food.

But recently I discovered another innovation of our all-time favorite chicharon.   Our very own chicharon has adapted to the changing lifestyle of the Filipinos.  This is what I saw in Jack ‘n Jill’s new Chicharron ni Mang Juan as it proudly brings in a uniquely Pinoy snack that is generous in both flavor and servings.  In a blogcon organized by Universal Robina Corporation (maker of Chicharron ni Mang Juan) and Stratworks, I first witnessed how Chicharron ni Mang Juan transformed our favorite snack to a thick chip like texture which will let us enjoy hassle-free snacking, perfect for barkada trips, DVD marathons, karaoke parties or even while doing something at our work stations! (if it's allowed by our office admins!  hehe).

Made from tapioca pearls, Chicharron ni Mang Juan captures the “Pinoy sarap” goodness of good old-fashioned chicharon in three flavors -- the Sukang Paombong which has the inimitable tang of native Pinoy vinegar, the Espesyal Suka’t Sili which provides a uniquely Pinoy spicy kick and the Spicy Sisig which tastes just like the real thing, making it the perfect pulutan alternative.

Jack ‘n’ Jill Chicharron ni Mang Juan recreates those three beloved and distinctly Pinoy flavors, perfectly seasoned for those who prefer enjoying their mouthwatering chicharron without messy dips. Perfect for people on the go right?  This new addition to the high-quality line of Jack ‘n’ Jill snacks guarantee satisfying and spectacular taste adventures in every big 90 gram bag.

My (and my friends who have tasted it with me) favorite is the Espesyal Suka't Sili!  I actually took the first bite and my first reaction was "Oh my God, ang... saraaap!".  And that is matched with a facial expression enough for my friends to get envious and ask for my Chicharron ni Mang Juan!  The blend of the salt, vinegar and chili is like an addictive love potion that made us look like crazy!  We bit every piece of that Chicharron ni Mang Juan Espesyal Suka't Sili but it was us who ended up being bitten by its spell!

Chicharron ni Mang Juan ca be bought at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

Youtube sensation Mikey Bustos is the proud endorser of Chicharron ni Mang Juan, the newest innovative snack products from URC which put a contemporary spin on an old Pinoy favorite!  

Note: Watch out for the separate article on Mikey Bustos.  :)

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