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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Did a Ghost Appear in Azkals' Cortal SQR TVC Shoot?


As TaDi celebrate its 2-year existence in the blogosphere, I just felt like browsing and looking at photos I took for the last two years.  Many of which have been featured here already.  'But as I unearth those pics, I noticed this still photo I took during the shoot of Azkals hit Cortal SQR TV commercial in Cebu.  (Remember Alis Sakit Alis Pain?)  Have you noticed what's intriguing in this shot?

No, it's not the biceps of Azkals' Team Captain Aly Borromeo.  Look more closely at his back, at the lower left side of the photograph.  Found it?  Have you seen what I'm talking about?

That's it!  There's a face at Aly's back!  Is he a ghost or what?  I don't know yet, I'm not very sure.  I need to do some asking.  But don't worry folks, I'll update you and let you know the real score on this photo.

a wider shot at the set

By the way, this is the Cortal SQR TVC where the behind-the-scene photo was taken from.

Another post about the Azkals "Finally, Our own football team to root for -- Go go go Azkals go!".


  1. WTF, kinilabutan ako, bakit nga ba may mukha dun??!

  2. God! Napansin ko agad ung face! Nakaka gulat na man. Baka reflection lang? What you think?



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