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Sunday, February 26, 2012

TaDi turns 2; launches 3 new blogs!

Indeed, time flies fast when you're having fun.  Suddenly, I just realized, Tatak Digitista (TaDi) is already celebrating its 2nd year anniversary!  :)  And TaDi (together Write Breathe Live, The Rod Magaru Show and Orange Magazine TV) went all the way to Baguio to celebrate this milestone by covering and sharing with you the 2012 Panagbenga Festival! 

I don't know if I've said this in the past but at first, I was quite hesitant to blog because part of me will already be public, some may like it, some may not.  'But with the support and encouragement of the bloggers who guided me when I was starting, I finally learned the secret and eventually hit blogspot!  :)   Let me thank them one by one, Karla Maquiling of Pinoy Centric, Jane Uymatiao of Here's To Life, Iris Acosta of Pinay Ads, Jen Juan of Sexy Nomad, Eric Dee of Byahilo and Jonel Uy of Let's Go Sago. 

February 22, 2010 when I created my account but I waited for three more days (February 25) before I published it.  I guess just like the EDSA People Power Revolution which also celebrates its anniversary on the said dates (Feb. 22 to 25), Tatak Digitista is a symbol of freedom for me as well.  Through this blog, I'm able to express myself, share my thoughts and inform my readers.  :)

Well I really do enjoy blogging because it gave me the channel to do all the things I like doing - writing, taking photos and videos, talking about heritage, travel, movies, TV, theater, wildlife and features,  and coming up with a lot of creative stuff.  :)  During my first year, I only have 1 to 4 blog posts per month but now, it doesn't go below 10.  And as I do the things I like doing, almost everything fell into the right place.  Through blogging, I met a lot of exciting people, got new friends, experienced a lot of new and exciting things and went into fascinating places.

But you may ask, after this, where is Tatak Digitista headed to?  Well, this blog doesn't dream of becoming the next Yugatech or Byahilo or When In Manila.  I am not aspiring to be that popular, I just want this blog to be a voice of the field it represents.  I think I already found my niche and I just want to keep that and be good at it.  :)    But rest assured that as Tatak Digitista continue to add up years, it will definitely grow with its readers.  :)

And as one shining example, today, February 25, Tatak Digitista is launching not just one but three new blogs!  :)  Oh well, you may have noticed this change since January 1but I really haven't formally announced the said new blogs.  So please let today be its official online launch as well.  These blogs are:

Potato On the Go or POTG (www.potato-onthego.blogspot.com) is previously a page in Tatak Digitista but it's now an entirely separate blog.  POTG is a blog dedicated to movies, television, theater, Internet and other media. 

Bayanihan Republic (www.bayanihan-republic.blogspot.com) is also previously a page in Tatak Digitista.  This blog starts with my longing for a more applicable name for our country but actually, the goal goes beyond that. I want to pick up the pieces of our identity as a nation and eventually solve the puzzle. I know it's too ambitious but this will be my own little way of helping ourselves. It blogs about our ethnic, classic and pop culture... our heritage... our identity as a people.

Foydi's Treasure Hunt (www.foydi.blogspot.com) is an entirely new personal blog about treasures. Treasure, when we hear the word, we often think of the expensive things we aspire for. But life's real treasures are of no trade value. They are things that give meaning to our life's journey and complete us as a person. foydi will try to discover, re-discover and chronicle these treasures - grand and simple, valued and unnoticed, abundant and rare, visible and hidden, right here or out there.
That's it folks.  And as TaDi goes 3, I hope you'll stay and grow with me as well, and continue capturing the digital footprints of life's mixes!  :)


  1. get a domain na Ferds! :) Happy 2nd year to blogosphere!

  2. Congrats on the new blogs! :)



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