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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The TaDi Pose Bloggers Edition (Batch 1)


As promised, after the first 100 Celebrity TaDi Pose and in time for  Tatak Digitista's second anniversary, the TaDi Pose Bloggers Edition is finally out!

  And here's the exciting first edition:

Lolo Myke Soon of Mix of Everything ws the first blogger who posed for Tatak Digitista.  Just like his outfit, he did something smart and casual for his TaDi Pose.

Laureen Uy (Break My Style), Kryz Uy (KryzUy), Patricia Prieto (It's Patricia Prieto) and Camille Co (It's Camille Co) did a fashionable and stylized pose for TaDi.

Deejay Vince Golangco of When In Manila did a prim and proper pose for TaDi!

Nonoy Floresca of Trails Unlimited gave a cool TaDi Pose.

Rod Magaru of The Rod Magaru Show did a classy pose for TaDi!

It's a surrender for Gabriel Diaz's (Manila Republic)!

It's a new year shot for FPJ's (Manual to Lyf)!

It's straight and simple for Aileen Siwa's (Pinoy Beat)..

John Michael Torres Bueno of Kumagcow did his signature sign and added attitude  for his TaDi Pose.

Astig!  That's how to define Enzo Luna's (Juan Manila Express) TaDi Pose! 

It's a bubbly act for Sef Gutierrez's (Event Lover's Hideout) TaDi Pose.

Caught in the act is Azrael Coladilla's (Azrael's Merryland) peg for TaDi Pose.

Teacher Jo Bonsol of Jobonsol posed with an attitude for TaDi.  :)

Daomisyel of Glamour Blog preferred simple and neat for her TaDi Pose.

Ryan San Juan of Wentot went playful for his TaDi Pose.

It's a simple but cool TaDi pose for Omar Itay (Ohmski).

Jonel Uy of Let's Go Sago did something naughty for TaDi Pose.

Ruth Floresca of The Original Mommy Writes Since 2003 did a cool and refreshing TaDi Pose.

Mee-i Velasco's (Mekinudols Atbp.) TaDi pose is inspired by an album cover art.

Nicely Rom of Nicely Way did a blog inspired pose for TaDi!

Alex Dizon's (Recycle Bin of a Middle Child) version of TaDi Pose is something carefree and cool.

It's sexy and sassy for Ruth de la Cruz's (Ruthilicious).

Marjorie Pineda's version of TaDi Pose is something chic and bubbly.

That's it folks!  Thanks so much to the bloggers who supported my second anniversary by being part of the TaDi Pose Bloggers Edition!  I really appreciate it!  :)  To those who also want toto be part of the TaDi Pose Bloggers Edition, just let me know by tweeting @tatak_digitista.  :)

By the way, for the first batch, making your TaDi Pose as your FB profile pic for at least 1 week is highly encouraged!  Haha!  :D  Thanks folks!


  1. I need to re-shoot my TADI pose LOL I look like a table... with matching table cloth LOL

  2. inggit ako! waaaaaaaaaah! sa fan edition dapat ako hehehe

  3. wohoho.ang galeng

    si ryan san juan, pang FHM! ahahah

  4. simple and cool rocks talaga! XD

  5. An astig collection of TaDi poses from us bloggers! More power to you!

    From NICELY ROM without "s"

  6. wow that was flattering :) thanks for the taDi photos!

  7. dapt next time may tadi pose ako with laureen uy

  8. ngayon ko lang nakit to ah hehehe salamat sa taDi photos!


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