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Monday, December 16, 2013

It feels good to wear our own country! -- the My Philippines Lifestyle shirts


If you've been following this blog for quite some time now, I bet you already know that I have this unique passion for the promotion of Filipino identity and heritage.  I've written about some of our country's interesting things, happenings, settings and human beings that would (I hoped) inspire my readers.  On my own, I find ways to be able to contribute to this advocacy.  I've been to Batanes, I've looked for Bulacan's last pastillas wrapper maker, I've experienced the Pahiyas and Pulilan Carabao Festivals and I've done a comprehensive research on Juan Luna, among many others.  

Aside from that, I'm also into collecting items that showcase the Filipino soul, may it be a souvenir shirt, display item, ref bmagnet etc.  In fact, I used to have several of the shirts with the Philippine map.  

Recently, I got this invitation to get to know My Philippines.  I quickly researched on it and upon learning that  it's an apparel line that promotes love for country and make the country proud, I easily said yes.  And I'm glad I did because I find joy in talking to people with similar interests like me.

My Philippines president William Brian Dy and Ramil de los Reyes invited some of Metro Manila's travel bloggers, yours truly included, to present My Philippines as it celebrates its 10th Anniversary.  Brian also toured us in My Philippines store at Kultura in SM Megamall.

My Philippines pioneered in putting culturally relevant icons and Pinoy culture on shirts.  The Philippine map and our country's coin are just two of their most iconic original ideas.

Brian's interest on producing Filipino statement shirts came from his nationalism which paved the way for his love for travel.  It also helped that his family is in garments business.

Now on their 10th year, My Philippines launched its video to celebrate the original Pinoy lifestyle brand in the country.

Brian Dy shared, "We wanted to show people that My Philippines is more than just a souvenir and lifestyle brand. but a pioneer and a game changer that embodies nationalism since we represent the Filipino spirit and culture in the products we create.  Ten (10) years of putting nationalism and culture on our sleeves, during a time when people clamored for imported products was not an easy task, but we started a trend. which has now become a movement."

I do agree with Brian that  most Filipinos aren't proud of wearing such shirts before, well aside from balikbayans.  In fact, majority of their customers are either foreigners or overseas Filipinos.  But the game is slowly changing.  Thanks to the influencers who have started the bandwagon and unique Filipino nationalists who displayed pride while wearing these shirts.

In connection to its 10th year anniversary, My Philippines has also launched the My Philippines premium collection.  The objective of the new collection is to show a line that is modern and world class.  I've seen and touched a few samples and I'm pretty impressed, not only with the designs but with the kind of fabric used.  The fabric feels like the material used by internationally known brands.

I have so many instant favorites in My Philippines collection, from the minimalist but elegant jeepney designed shirt to the cool and funny food tee.  I'll be proud to wear each one of them!

I'm wearing one of my favorite My Philippines shirts!  In photo are (from left): Rey Belen of Lifestyle Bucket, Chuckie Dreyfus of chuckiedreyfus.com and myself! :)

I consider my discovery of My Philippines as another treasure found.  For Filipinos abroad, you can take a piece of our home country via My Philippines.  For me, now, as I wear these shirts, I'll even be more inspired to travel locally to discover more our country's heritage and internationally to represent and be proud of our nation.  It just feels good to wear our own country.  Thank you My Philippines, our country's national shirt!

For more info, please visit www. mynationalshirt.com oand myphilippineslifestyle on Facebook; and follow myphilippineslifestyle on Instagram and myphilippines03 on Twitter.

My Philippines.
Now TaDified! :)

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